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2019 console exclusives

Games Of 2019 (Exclusives)

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Today we are taking a look at some 2019 exclusives. The Hype is real this year let us know how hype you are for the games we discussed. Also let us know if we missed any games.


Games of 2019 (3rd Party)

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Fellow Nerds! I hope all is well with you. Join us as we discuss how hyped we are for the games of 2019. Let us know if we missed anything in the comment section below.

ToovernTN Iphone XS Case

Toovren iPhone Xs Case review

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Toovren iPhone Xs Case review Fellow Nerds! Join us as we check out this pretty cool iPhone case. Amazon Link: Follow us on Twitter: Follow @soundsnerdy Follow @snjumoka Follow @CharliePinkSN Subscribe To Our Channel!!!