Monthly Archives: April 2019

Perbeat BT14 Bluetooth Transmitter

Perbeat BT14 Bluetooth Transmitter Review

Nerds! Today we review the Perbeat BT14 Bluetooth Transmitter. A device that allows you to connect to or from a non-bluetooth capable device and stream audio.

Yooka Laylee

April Game Club: Yooka Laylee

For our April Game Clue, we played a crowd funded game from Ex Rare developers called Yooka Laylee. Join us as we discuss our experiences we had with this game.

Tonor True Wireless Earbuds

Tonor True Wireless Earbuds Review

Fellow nerds, I hope all is well with you and yours. Welcome another review. Today we are looking at the Tonor True Wireless Earbuds. These can be found on Amazon for $34.99 but are they worth it or should you save the money for a pair of apple airpods?