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Sony Samsung CES

CES 2017 Sony and Samsung Booth Tour

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For those that were not able to make it to CES 2017, we have a fly by of both Sony and Samsung’s booth.  With so much cool tech to see, hopefully this gives you just a taste.

Panasonic Screen Prototypes

CES 2017 Panasonic Shows Off Projection and TV on Glass

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At CES 2017 Panasonic showed some great prototypes for displaying images on glass.

LG Nano Cell

CES 2017 LG Nano Cell Display Tech

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Nerds! Welcome to CES 2017.  LG show’s off new line of Super UHD 4K TV’s that feature Nano Cell Display.

Sony XBR A1E

CES 2017 Sony Bravia XBR A1E OLED TV

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Fellow Nerds! Welcome to CES 2017. At CES Sony showed off it’s first consumer grade OLED TV, XBR A1E. Can it compete with LG?


CES 2017 LG Signature OLED W

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NERDS CES 2017 is here and this is the Wallpaper TV which is less than 3mm thick. This is why LG is continuing to push the limits when it comes to displays.



CES 2017 4K HDR PC Monitors, A.I. Assistants, Android Wear 2.0

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CES 2017 What to Expect – 4K HDR PC Monitors, More A.I. Assistants, and Android Wear 2.0 in the wild.

Pre CES Sony Thumb

CES 2017 Sony Pre Show – What to Expect

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CES 2017 is here and what do we expect form Sony? We expect them to enter the OLED market with two TVs, SmartWatch4 and two new Smartphones powered by Snapdragon 820.