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Nintendo Switch Doc Replacement

Nintendo Switch Dock Replacement

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I wanted to take a quick look at a replacement dock from BASSTOP this dock can be purchased on Amazon. This is Only the case, you have to DIY with the circuit board chip from the original dock.

JayFi Headphones

Jayfi Tonnerre Jet-830 Review

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Fellow Nerdy! Today we are looking at an affordable pair of earbuds.

Jayfi Tonnerre Jet-850 –

Sweat Proof – Check
Memory Wire – Check
Extra Ear tips – Check

But do they sounds good. Well that’s what we are hear to find out.

Blu HD R1 Review

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Whats going on fellow Nerds!

Today we take a look at a oldie but goodie. The Blu HD1 is a phone sold on for an entry price of $59.99. Is this phone a good investment, lets find out!

Quirky surge protector Unboxing

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Fellow Nerds! Today we are taking a look at the Quirky surge protector. This Surge protector has a built in 4000mAh portable battery for charging on the go.

PC Build

What’s In My PC?!? PC Build, Core I7, Geforce GTX 1070

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Nerds!! Come and check out this brand new PC Build. I have built this PC with gaming, VR and 4K in mind.

Below are the following components I used:

Rockbook Wave Notebook

Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook Review

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This smart notebook from Rocketbook utilizes a Microwave and Coffee mug to make ink disappear.  Along with an companion app to take your notes to the next level. This could be the only notebook you will ever need.

Arcade Block

Nerdy Unboxing: Nerdblock Arcade Block October ’16

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Nerdy Unboxing: Nerdblock Arcade Block October ’16 NERDS!! In this unboxing we have a very awesome nerdblock this month.  Check it out. Follow us on Twitter: Subscribe To Our Channel!!!