Clean your germ-ridden phone with the PhoneSoap Pro sanitizer and charger

Clean your germ-ridden phone with the PhoneSoap Pro sanitizer and charger

November 25, 2021 0 By Namerah Saud Fatmi

When was the last time you cleaned your phone? We’re guessing it has either been a while or you’ve never actually done it. (Eugh.) Never fear for PhoneSoap Pro is here to save the day. Get one of these smart devices for your home to rid your phone of germs regularly. In the era of COVID-19, this level of hygiene has become essential.

Wiping your phone with a regular disinfectant or hand sanitizer isn’t a good idea. Many of these products contain chemicals that may react badly with your phone. That might lead to an accident or may even damage your device. The PhoneSoap Pro relies on none of that. Instead, its weapon of choice is UV rays.

You don’t even need to unplug your phone. The PhoneSoap Pro allows you to take out two birds with one stone. Instead of charging and sanitizing your phone as two separate tasks, you can combine them into a single chore. There is a small gap that gives way to your phone’s charging cable. Plus, you can use the device to clean other small objects that fit into the sanitization bay, so it’s versatile in nature.

PhoneSoap Pro (Charcoal) | 42% off

$70 at Amazon

Purify your phone of the unseen filth that plagues it with the PhoneSoap Pro. UV rays are efficient at killing germs and the device can be used to cleanse other small objects too. There’s an auto mode that sanitizes anything inside the tray as soon as the lid is shut. Grab one today in this dark Charcoal shade for almost half the usual price!

The PhoneSoap Pro is a nifty little thing and can save you from a lot of unwanted bouts of the flu or worse. It’s a good idea to have one or two in the most common spaces of your home. Putting one in your bedroom and another in your study makes sense. If you stay with family, it makes sense to put a third in the living room where everyone hangs around.

Since this object is going to be by your nightstand, might as well get a shade that goes with the interior. There is a wide assortment of shades to choose from, and most of them are sure to look good anywhere. If all else fails, white is the way to go.

PhoneSoap Pro (Lavender) | 42% off

$70 at Amazon

Keep your valuables germ-free with the PhoneSoap Pro in a lovely pastel hue called Lavender. It’ll look great on a table, sitting next to flowery decorations.

PhoneSoap Pro (Blue) | 42% off

$70 at Amazon

Blue is a fan favorite when it comes to phones and smart devices. If you’re partial to this color, this is the right option for you. Charge your phone and purge it of dirt inside the PhoneSoap Pro.

PhoneSoap Pro (Mint) | 42% off

$70 at Amazon

Mint is refreshing, both when eaten and when seen. Since the PhoneSoap Pro is a cleansing device, it makes sense to get a cool and clean shade of it as well.

PhoneSoap Pro (White) | 42% off

$70 at Amazon

The PhoneeSoap Pro eliminates filth and germs all the same, no matter what color you choose. If you’re confused, get the White variant. There’s no going wrong with this color, it’ll go with everything in any room.

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