Don’t lose anything ever again with 30% off Tile trackers for Black Friday

Don’t lose anything ever again with 30% off Tile trackers for Black Friday

November 26, 2021 0 By Namerah Saud Fatmi

Before Apple and Samsung made their entry to the Bluetooth tracker market, there was Tile. Those additional years of experience have helped establish the brand as reliable and consistently great at what it does.

Tile trackers have an excellent range and they can work with many different smart home devices. You can ask Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri to help you find whatever it is your Tile tracker is attached to. Unlike Samsung’s SmartTag or Apple’s AirTag, Tile products do not have exclusive features and are widely available for everyone to use equally.

Tile makes trackers in varying shapes and sizes, with suitable form factors for various objects or for hanging around your pet’s neck. The Tile Performance Pack (2020) is 30% for Black Friday right now, so you should grab a set or two while it’s still available. The deal includes two models, a Tile Pro and a Tile Slim. The former is ideal for keyrings or pet collars, with a small footprint similar to that of tags from other brands.

Meanwhile, the Tile Slim resembles a credit card more than a traditional Bluetooth tracker. This has several applications as you can’t insert other shapes into wallets or envelopes of cash. There aren’t many competitors for this unique form factor and you won’t find a better quality tracker that looks like this.

Don’t lose, don’t snooze

Tile Performance Pack (2020) | $18 off

$42 at Amazon

Keep track of anything and everything with this two-pack of Tile trackers. You get one unit of the teeny little Tile Pro and another of the credit card-like Tile Slim in the mix. Grab this duo of Bluetooth trackers from a trustworthy brand for only $42 with this deal.

We recommend always having a few Bluetooth trackers on hand if you’re a forgetful person. It could be for something as simple as house keys or for something a lot more valuable. Many pets have a tendency to roam about. A Tile tracker could be extremely helpful in the sad event that they lose their way.

The Tile Slim has a range of 250 feet and a Lost and Found QR code. Meanwhile, the Tile Pro has a much wider Bluetooth range of 400 feet as well as the Slim’s QR code feature. Both trackers have speakers built-in, IP67 waterproof ratings, and long-lasting battery lives.

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