Give your Galaxy S21 FE the protection it deserves with these rugged cases

Give your Galaxy S21 FE the protection it deserves with these rugged cases

January 14, 2022 0 By Ara Wagoner

While the plastic back of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is more durable and forgiving than the glass back on its predecessors, no phone comes out of the box fully defended against the horrors of the concrete jungle (well, except some outdated Cat and Doogee phones). While most seek out Galaxy S21 FE cases that are slim and shiny, we prefer cases made of stronger stuff. These heavy duty Galaxy S21 FE cases shall defend your new phone to the end.


Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Series

Staff Pick

Users with Unicorn Beetle Pro cases have had phones survive cars, multi-story drops, and even a couple of lawnmowers, though as with any extreme circumstance, your mileage will vary. The kickstand is also super useful.

$25 at Amazon

Clearly rugged

UAG Plasma Series Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Case

UAG’s only selling the Pathfinder — the solid version of this case — in black, so why not get the clear Plasma and show off that lovely Lavender Galaxy S21 FE while enjoying the same protection and lightweight design?

$40 at UAG

Classic yet compact

OtterBox Galaxy S21 FE Commuter Series

Yes, I know people instantly think of the bulky Defender Series in regards to heavy duty cases, and we’ll get there. However, the Commuter Series is what most of us need, not the tank. We’ve got the dust flap to keep out debris, a drop-tested design, and a lifetime warranty.

$40 at Amazon $45 at OtterBox

Colorfully crafted

CaseBorne ArmadilloTek V Galaxy S21 FE Case

This two-piece case doesn’t have the built-in screen protector Supcase does, meaning you can get a sturdier tempered glass screen protector instead. You also have better color options like crimson red and two-tone purple.

$20 at Amazon

Pretty (and) tough

i-Blason Cosmo Series Designed for Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

This shiny case proves you can have it all: beauty and brawn. The back is covered by white/pink marble and rose gold accents, but around front, you have that secure frame and a built-in screen protector.

$22 at Amazon

Slim but sturdy

Speck Presidio ExoTech

This case may be slimmer without those classic Speck ridges, but it’s still durable and feels great in the hand. You also get Speck’s quality commitment, durable drop-testing, and a lifetime warranty.

$30 at Speck

Old school cool

Spigen Tough Armor Designed for Galaxy S21 FE

This is not your father’s Tough Armor case. While the Tough Armor is no longer just an inner TPU grip and a plastic hard-shell, it’s still thin, and more durable since the foam lining inside absorbs more force from impacts than air cushions alone.

$18 at Amazon


OtterBox Defender Series Screenless Edition for Galaxy S21 FE

The Kleenex of heavy duty cases, the OtterBox Defender series is thick, rugged, and stands up to almost anything. OtterBox still includes a belt holster in the box, which can rotate and also turn into a kickstand.

$60 at Amazon $65 at OtterBox

Your choice of screens

Poetic Guardian Series Designed for Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

This two-part case has a clear back, allowing the hue of your S21 FE to shine through while the case’s accent color gives an extra shock of color to the back and the front. The case comes with two frames, one with and without a screen protector.

From $17 at Amazon

How heavy duty do you need your case to be?

Heavy duty is a somewhat broad category as far as cases go because some of us just need durable while others need indestructible. The more rugged and drop-resistant a case is, the thicker it needs to be since it needs more mass to help absorb and redirect the energy from falls and hits. It’s all about balancing how much bulk you’re willing to accept for your protection.

Cases like the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro and the CaseBorne Armadillotek V strike the best balance for most. The former has a two-layer design that offers drop protection in the 10-15-foot range, while Supcase boasts 20-foot drop protection for the UB Pro. Both cases make use of their thick backs to add in large, stable kickstands that work in both portrait and landscape. The Supcase has a built-in plastic screen protector, while the ArmadilloTek V does not.

Built-in screen protectors can sometimes run afoul of in-screen fingerprint scanners, but thankfully case makers have worked to make things as seamless as possible. That said, plastic screen protectors can’t offer the same protection for face-down drops as the best tempered glass screen protectors, which is why many heavy duty cases have ditched the plastic film gone “screenless.” Tempered glass also has the benefit of feeling much better under your finger than plastic, but not all screen protectors work well with the beefier bumpers on heavy-duty cases — though thankful there’s been progress on that end, too.

However, if you’ve gotten here and figured out that a heavy duty case isn’t right for you, there are a lot of great Galaxy S21 FE cases you can check out.

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