Google releases Android 12L Beta 2 with several bug fixes for Pixel phones

Google releases Android 12L Beta 2 with several bug fixes for Pixel phones

January 12, 2022 0 By Derrek Lee

Source: Nick Sutrich / Android Central

Just over a month after we received the first Android 12L beta for some of Google’s best Android phones, and now the company has begun rolling out the second release to eligible devices on Wednesday. The update includes the January security patch that many Pixel phones have already received, along with several notable bug fixes.

According to the release notes, the update includes fixes for the following developer-reported bugs:

Fixed an issue where the clock on the lock screen was not centered on the screen. (Issue #209866500)
Fixed an issue where all the recent apps in the recent apps view showed as a black image with an “App isn’t available” toast message. (Issue #210442689)
Fixed an issue where using gestures to switch between apps sometimes left an image of the previous app’s state showing over part of the current app. (Issue #211095552)

Google also lists several other bugs that were addressed in this release:

Fixed an issue where some icons on the lock screen were too small when viewed on larger screens.
Fixed an issue where sometimes the lock screen was not dismissed after unlocking a device.
Fixed an issue that caused bitmap images to disappear or otherwise render incorrectly in widgets.

Users should note that Beta 2 may not display the Settings app properly on large screens. However there’s a way to get around this by navigating to Settings > System > Developer options > Feature flags and enabling settings_support_large_screen.

Beyond that, some other changes were spotted in the new build, courtesy of Mishaal Rahman. That includes a new option to open a PiP window in split-screen, a new “Turn off airplane mode” button in the internet panel, and more.

XDA-Developers notes that system behaviors and APIs are finalized with Beta 2, which means there shouldn’t be any major changes going forward as Google prepares the final stable release sometime this quarter.

The update should be available for Pixel phones from the 3a to the Pixel 5a, with support for the Pixel 6 series “coming soon.” It will be available “in the coming days” for the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro.

To download the update, navigate to Settings > System > System updates and note that the OTA update could take up to 24 hours to arrive on your device.

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