Light up your home under $12 with ECOLOR Smart Light Strips

Light up your home under $12 with ECOLOR Smart Light Strips

November 26, 2021 0 By Namerah Saud Fatmi

Smart home products make life so easy. I especially love colorful smart lights because of the convenience they bring and the added functionality of changing the ambiance whenever you want. Thankfully, you get smart lights in all shapes, sizes, and budgets these days. If you’re strapped for cash, ECOLOR is the go-to brand for cheap offerings. They make it all, from smart strips to unique sickle-moon shaped smart lamps.

Unlike fancier brands like Philips Hue, you don’t need to purchase a pricey smart hub to use ECOLOR smart lights. All of their products are super easy to set up and even easier to use. They have a wonderful app with a ton of features, just like any other high-end smart light maker.

ECOLOR sells a wide range of smart light strips that you can buy. This Black Friday, Amazon Prime members can enjoy big savings on ECOLOR’s bright and colorful collection. There’s a smorgasbord of lighting, with our top pick being this 9.8-feet ECOLOR TV LED Backlight. It’s already a really affordable product but this deal makes it even cheaper.

ECOLOR TV LED Backlight – 9.8ft | 30% off for Amazon Prime Members

$8 at Amazon

Add some flair to your living room area with this ECOLOR TV LED Backlight. Set it up in a matter of a few minutes and enjoy the entrancing dazzle of your new smart light. It comes with a dedicated remote control, a mobile app, and plenty of modes including a Music Sync Mode. Amazon Prime Members can purchase this for only $8.

Grab a couple more of these smart light strips from ECOLOR during Black Friday. You’ll get more value for your coin. Here are some other products from the brand’s light strip lineup. Rifle through the deals to find something you like. You don’t need to break the bank to get any of these!

ECOLOR Bluetooth Led Strip Lights – 32.8 | 30% off for Amazon Prime Members

$12 at Amazon

These Led Strip Lights will look magical in any space in your home. With 16 million colors, you can pick a shade for any occasion. The Bluetooth strip is cuttable so you can adjust it to any length. It also has a timer function, so you can schedule it to turn on or off automatically. Get a strip for only $12 if you’re an Amazon Prime Member.

ECOLOR RGB Strip Lights – 2 x 32.8ft | 40% off for Amazon Prime Members

$16 at Amazon

This deal touts bang for buck, giving Amazon Prime Members two rolls of the 32.8ft ECOLOR Light Strips for 40% less. Cut and paste these sparkling smart light strips in any nook and cranny. It’ll spruce up any dull corner or piece of furniture.

ECOLOR Interior Car Lights (Segmented Control) | 20% off for Amazon Prime Members

$18 at Amazon

Why limit the joy of color-changing lighting to your house? Take your redesigning project to your car with the ECOLOR Interior Car Lights. Once hooked up, you’ll be able to control these lights with the mobile app. You can set each segment to shine a different color for a beautiful rainbow effect. Get 20% off with this deal for Amazon Prime Members.

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