OnePlus Nord N200 for $99 is the best cheap Black Friday Android deal

OnePlus Nord N200 for $99 is the best cheap Black Friday Android deal

November 26, 2021 0 By Harish Jonnalagadda

If you want a budget phone that does the basics well, the OnePlus Nord N200 fits the bill. It has a large 6.49-inch LCD screen with fast 90Hz refresh rate, and it is fast enough for most day-to-day tasks, including gaming. You get 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, there’s a MicroSD slot if you need to increase the storage, and there’s even a 3.5mm jack.

In short, this is a good phone that hits the basics, and at $200, it is firmly in the budget segment. But right now, you can get your hands on the Nord N200 for just $99, which is a flat 50% discount from what it usually goes for. The deal elevates the device from a reliable budget option to a must-have if you are browsing for a new phone for under $200.

The caveat here is that the deal is limited to the Metro by T-Mobile version, so you’ll only be able to use it on the MVNO. The standard unlocked model hasn’t been discounted this time around, so you will have to use Metro if you’re interested in getting this deal.


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OnePlus Nord N200

$99 at Walmart

The Nord N200 has a decent screen with fast 90Hz refresh rate, reliable hardware that’s well-suited for everyday tasks, good cameras at the back, and two-day battery life. The software is free of bloatware, and overall, this is a fabulous deal if you don’t mind being locked to Metro by T-Mobile.

As for cameras, the Nord N200 has a 13MP main lens at the back that does a decent enough job in daylight conditions, and you get a 16MP camera at the front. The 5000mAh battery ensures you get at least two days from a full charge, and there’s 18W fast charging as well.

The software is also one of the best in this segment; it’s clean and uncluttered, and you won’t find any bloatware. That said, the phone will get just the one Android version update to Android 12, and while I don’t like that, this is par for the course for sub-$200 phones.

As a whole, the Nord N200 doesn’t really miss out on much, and for $99 it gets my recommendation. If you want a budget phone that looks good and will be reliable for a few years, this is the one to get. If you’re interested in seeing what else is on sale, be sure to take a look at the best Black Friday Android deals.

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