Stardew Valley Review Nintendo Switch

Stardew Valley Review Nintendo Switch

October 29, 2017 0 By Sounds Nerdy Account
Stardew Valley Review

Stardew Valley Review Nintendo Switch

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Stardew Valley originally debuted on the PC in February of 2016 and was later ported to the playstation 4 and Xbox in December of 2016. Jump forward to now and one thing is immediately apparent when you boot up Stardew Valley on the Nintendo Switch. This is how the game was meant to be played.

The game was developed by ConcernedApe. Even more impressive developed by one guy. Eric Barone was the sole designer, programmer, artist and composer. I have no problem telling you ahead of time for what this game offers, that’s amazing. With this being our first review let’s pin down what we will take into consideration when rating the game.  

We will take a look at the following:

Graphics and Sound

With all that said let’s start with the story.


In the beginning you create your character. The options available for customizing your character are good. Nothing to write home about but they get the job done. You can choose between male and female. There are a good amount of hair and clothing selections you can change things like your eye color and the color of your clothing. Simple and to the point. Once

Once that is done you watch a short cutscene where your grandfather is talking to you. He hands you a letter and tells you to open it ONLY when you need a change. After it shows your character working a desk job One that your are clearly fed up with. Long story short you inherit a farm. Once you gain control you find yourself in Pelican town. Your new home. You very quickly find out that Pelican town has some very interesting secrets. Secrets that kept me going through my play-through . These secrets make you want to explore EVERY inch of the town. I don’t want to spoil anything so trust me when I say there are a lot to do and uncover. The towns folk also have their own stories to tell too. There is a relationship system in the game which we will go into a little more detail about in the gameplay section, but these relationships can help in uncovering some of the world’s secrets. I personally loved the ways in which you can interact with towns folks. The game also delivers some of the story in short cut scenes. There are buildings with unique creatures, there are caves to explore, interesting people to talk to. All of this lends itself to great world building.

Score: 80/100


Stardew Valleys 16 bit art style is beautiful and nostalgic. during my time playing this I would constantly get flashbacks of playing Secret of mana or A link to the past. I love the variety that’s here. Especially considering that one guy made this game. The characters look good and unique enough, the wild life looks good and while I like the enemies I do wish there was a big more variety. It’s not a huge let down at all. But I do wish they were a bit more varied. Animations are smooth from what i can tell the game is capped at 30FPS and RARELY dipped. There was some occasional slowdowns but for the most part it stayed at that 30 FPS on the Nintendo switch. Now one thing to keep in mind is that it is 60 fps on PC and PS4. But the tradeoff is worth it. I can take this game on the go and that’s big for me.  Overall guys I LOVE. I mean LOVE the 16 bit esthetic. Outdoor environments look lush in spring and summer. Leaves fall from trees in the fall. Snow covers the ground in winter. it’s all pleasing to  the eyes. Especially if you grew up in the 16 bit era.

I also quite enjoyed the games soundtrack. The music and sound effects are simple but that’s part of the appeal. It’s very charming tunes were a joy to listen to during my around 30 hour play through.

Score 80/100


Last but not least let’s talk about the most important aspect of any game, the gameplay.  There are a few different aspects of stardew valleys gameplay. You have the core of the game which is the farming simulation. However to just describe this game as a farming simulator is not doing it justice. You can also

Start Relationships
Craft items
Customize your farm
Level up your character

With that said though farming is the primary way of making money in the game. So guess what, there is tons of farming.. The game goes through all the seasons of the year. At the beginning of a season you hit up your store of choice. The juju mart which is this big chain type of store. or your local shop. I personally went with the smaller shop to stick it to the man! Once you have the seeds you need for farming, well you get to work! The work never felt tedious, in fact you can upgrade your tools to make them more efficient. So the grind remains fun through the game for the most part. The hard part was figuring out my work flow. Crops have different growth times certain crops grow in only one season. Some in multiple. But since it was my primary way of making money I found it important to find a good rhythm. and that takes time. the game does not hold your hand. Outside of farming you can also make money fishing and mining. Which are both very fun. because of decent controls

Now before we go into controls lets talk about the relationship system. You can talk to and get to know the towns folks eventually building a relationship with them. Now it’s not too deep of a system so don’t expect this robust system. but you can give gifts and simply talk to people to build relationships. Gift giving is very much trial and error. I did notice if villagers would hint at things they might like IF they did so I would just give them random fruits and veggies in hopes they would dig it. The system is decent enough but don’t expect anything super robust.

Now lastly the controls on consoles. You can DEFINITELY tell this was a pc game. Navigating the menus with the default settings was a chore. some of the crafting items I couldn’t even navigate to at the time of this writing luckily you can use the right analog stick as a courser if you activate it in the menu.  This made the game a lot better in that area.

Running around with your character felt good. Fighting was decent. Switch items while in the cave took some getting use to. with a mouse it’s easy to click the item you want but on console it takes some practice to get good. I wish that the D-pad was used for quick Item slots so if I need to switch from my pickaxe to a sword at a moment’s notice. I could. without that it makes Item management important. Which is not too bad but the system can definitely use some work.

Score – 90/100


The game is great. I absolutely think it’s worth a purchase. Great gameplay SUPER charming world for 14.99. Yes please Not to mention i’m 30 hours in and still trying to fill out my museum, catch all the types of fish, Plant every type of crop. There are also achievements to get. There is a lot here to enjoy.

Score: 83/100 (B)

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