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The Blip: Android Nougat 7 Is Here and HoloLens Specs Revealed – 08/31/16

My fellow Nerds!! Let’s see what Android Nougat 7 is all about plus we learn what powers the HoloLens!!

Tech 5

5) Samsung to Close Milk Music on September 22

4) Apple Hits Roadblocks in Cutting Watch Ties to iPhone

3) Galaxy S8 tipped to come with 12+13 MP dual camera, new selfie sensor, and iris scanner

2) Microsoft reveals secret HoloLens processor specs

Topic of the Show

1) Android Nugat 7.0

New Tech
Scoop’ might be Samsung’s itty-bitty Amazon Echo competitor

What the Hell?!

Another week, another Tesla crash involving Autopilot

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