The Galaxy A52 5G is pretty impressive already, so make sure you get a case

The Galaxy A52 5G is pretty impressive already, so make sure you get a case

September 10, 2021 0 By Andrew Myrick

We expect the new Samsung Galaxy A52 will take home the crown for best cheap Android phone of the year. It’s the successor to the ultra-popular Galaxy A51 from last year that was actually Samsung’s best-selling phone over the course of the year. And why wouldn’t you want to keep one of the best Samsung phones protected with the best Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A52 5G cases? Here are some of our favorites to add pops of color to your device, while keeping it protected for years to come.

Our favorite case

Caseology Nano Pop

Staff Pick

Are you looking for a case that “pops” with your new Galaxy A52? Caseology’s new Nano Pop case fits the bill quite nicely, with its two-tone color scheme providing enough contrast to help your phone stand out. The case is compatible with most screen protectors and only adds 0.14-inches of thickness, keeping your A52 slim and lightweight.

From $16 at Amazon From $18 at Walmart

The next best

Spigen Liquid Crystal

Clear cases are some of the most fun options because they allow you to show off how sleek your new Galaxy A52 is without sacrificing protection. And what better company to know about protection than Spigen, whose Liquid Crystal case is one of the best in the business.

$12 at Amazon

Just a little

EasyAcc Slim Case

Nobody wants to deal with bulky cases on their new phones, but it’s a necessary evil if you tend to drop your phone. The EasyAcc Slim Case adds just enough protection to make you feel at ease and features raised bezels around the display and camera to help avoid any scratches to the glass.

$10 at Amazon

Merging the layers

TUDIA DualShield Merge

The TUDIA DualShield Merge case sports two layers of protection with a soft TPU inner shell, along with a hard polycarbonate backplate. This backplate not only provides stability to your case, but the edges are ridged, so you’ll also get a better grip when using your phone. Plus, there are four different colors to choose from if you don’t want to just go with a boring color.

$13 at Amazon $13 at Walmart


Ringke Fusion-X

The Ringke Fusion-X is an odd case that is both sleek and more protective than the rest. Thanks to the clear polycarbonate backplate, you’ll be able to show off your Galaxy A52, but the reinforced frame with raised bezels ensures protection around the entire phone. There’s even a lanyard hole in the bottom corner if that’s your kind of thing.

$12 at Amazon $11 at Walmart

Slim and compatible

Spigen Thin Fit – Black

When you think of dual-layer cases, you may not associate those with a thin case. But that’s exactly what you’ll find with the Spigen Thin Fit, as there’s a dual-layer design here that’s also compatible with QNMP plates.

$12 at Amazon

A classic

Caseology Parallax – Ash Gray

Caseology has been on top of its game in the past couple of years with options like the Parallax. This case is a bit bulkier than that of the Nano Pop, but that’s absolutely perfect for some folks. You have a few different colors to choose from, and the case will work with most screen protectors.

From $10 at Amazon $17 at Walmart

For the lanyard

Ringke Onyx

Ringke’s Onyx case is made from a flexible yet heavy-duty TPU material making this case military graded for drop protection. The Onyx also features a QuikCatch lanyard hole if you want to put a strap around your wrist or wear your phone like a weighty necklace. You’ll need to purchase the lanyard separately or use your own.

$11 at Amazon $11 at Walmart

Trustworthy protection

Spigen Rugged Armor – Matte Black

Spigen has reigned supreme as one of the best case makers for years, thanks in large part to the Rugged Armor series. This is one of the best Galaxy A52 cases with its lightweight design and Air Cushion technology for enhanced shock absorption. Plus, you get that classic design that Spigen has been providing for years.

$13 at Amazon

Iron strong

Ghostek Iron Armor

If heavy-duty is the name of the game, look no further than the Ghostek Iron Armor. Ghostek’s case features a built-in and adjustable kickstand, raised edges around the display and camera, along with including an “effortless disengage holster.” That belt clip also swivels so that you can use it as a fidget spinner or rotate your phone out of the way to avoid knocking it on something.

$17 at Amazon $25 at Walmart

A little leather

Anccer Newborn Series

If you’re looking for a rugged leather case, then you won’t go wrong with the Anccer Newborn Series. The edges are protected by a soft TPU bumper, while a polycarbonate backplate helps keep everything in place. But then there’s an added layer of PU leather which not only looks good but adds a bit more grip to your phone.

$14 at Amazon

Put a ring on it

KANGYA Slim Case with Kickstand

Unfortunately, the Galaxy A52 5G doesn’t come in a wide array of colors. But that’s okay, thanks to cases like this one from KANGYA. The Lavender color will help your phone stand out from the crowd, while including a built-in ring holder on the back that doubles as a kickstand. There’s even a cutout on the bottom right for those who want to attach a lanyard.

$10 at Amazon

Get a grip

Foluu Rubber Bumper Case

Foluu may not be a household name for cases, but these are sure some of the best we’ve seen. The Rubber Bumper case is not only made of a soft TPU material that’s comfortable to hold, but there’s even a suede lining to keep your phone looking good even when it’s in the case. Foluu even offers a limited lifetime warranty if something happens to your case while in use.

From $8 at Amazon

Floating glitter

Dzxouui Quicksand Glitter Case

Dzxouui’s Quicksand Glitter Case offers great protection but also has a pretty awesome glitter design. The glitter in the back of the case floats and moves around as you use your phone while sparking and shimmering when it catches the light. Plus, you’ll get a tempered glass screen protector for that 360-degree protection you want.

$9 at Amazon

Ol’ Reliable

Otterbox Commuter LITE

For almost as long as there have been smartphones, there’s been an Otterbox case for it. The Commuter LITE is one of the most popular options for many phones, including the Galaxy A52 and A52 5G. This case offers a slim, yet rugged design, so it doesn’t add too much bulk while keeping your phone out of harm’s way.

$26 at Amazon $28 at Best Buy

Deciding on the best Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A52 5G cases

PopSocket not included — but recommended for extra color pop and comfort.

If we had to pick just one when looking at the best Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A52 5G cases, it would have to be the Caseology Nano Pop. This case is just plain fun with its different color options and dual-tone design. Plus, the Nano Pop offers more protection than you might expect without adding too much bulk.

The next best case for the Galaxy A52 is the Spigen Liquid Crystal, if only for the ability to show off your new phone without sacrificing protection. Spigen knows a thing or two about making good cases, and the Liquid Crystal is no exception. The reinforced buttons ensure you won’t deal with any misclicks, and the TPU material provides all the grip you need.

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