The next Quest 2 update may finally make punching TVs a thing of the past

The next Quest 2 update may finally make punching TVs a thing of the past

January 11, 2022 0 By Charlie Wacholz

An update for the Quest 2 that allows players to map their homes in VR might be on the horizon. Earlier this week, VR leaker, Bastian posted a thread on Twitter detailing the update, complete with videos and screenshots. The update includes early versions of Oculus and Metaverse-based social features that allow Quest 2 users to watch videos and play games with other users in a virtual space.

One of the biggest new changes included in the update allows players to set their entire room as a play space. This also allows players to map their rooms, including the furniture, walls, and ceiling, in VR. Meta’s shown off this feature in the past as part of its ongoing efforts to establish itself and Oculus as a core pillar of the Metaverse. Watch the Twitter video above to see it in action.

To access this demo, you need to have opted into the Public Test Channel. If you have, open SideQuest and select the ‘Run ADB icon in the top right’ and enter the command “adb shell am start -a android.intent.action.VIEW -d systemux://co-presence-nux com.oculus.vrshell/.MainActivity” to run the demo. It doesn’t allow you to invite users to your new VR living room yet since the feature isn’t widely available, but it does include a tutorial on how parties work.

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