Try one of the best tri-band Wi-Fi mesh systems with Eero 48% off at Amazon

Try one of the best tri-band Wi-Fi mesh systems with Eero 48% off at Amazon

November 19, 2021 0 By Samuel Contreras

Eero has made a name for itself in the home Wi-Fi market thanks to its tight focus on delivering consistent performance with one of the easiest setup experiences around. With a tri-band connection and a tiny housing, the Eero Pro is a great value at $139 (30% off) at Amazon. Not only that, but if you have a large house with Wi-Fi dead zones, Eero works great as a mesh. While you can link up multiple Eero Pro routers, you also have the option of using the compact Eero Beacon which is also on sale for $71, a massive 40% off at Amazon.

The Eero Pro has great performance thanks to its tri-band AC2200 connection. Tri-band is essential for the best possible mesh performance because mesh routers need to be able to communicate with one another. Having a dedicated band for the mesh connection allows the system to perform at full speed for devices without giving up any mesh link speed.

The Eero Pro is set up with the Eero app in just a few minutes and kept up to date automatically. You can easily change your Wi-Fi settings from your Android phone and keep an eye on which devices are connected to your network. You can also sign up for Eero Secure which offers antivirus security and VPN protection for an optional monthly fee.

The Eero Beacon looks more like a traditional WI-Fi extender but like any Eero mesh node, it uses the same Wi-Fi name so your devices can automatically switch to the strongest connection. The Beacon is a bit slower with a dual-band connection but its compact size makes it easy to place, even in a hallway. In fact, it’s a great mesh node for an upstairs hallway thanks to a built-in night light. Keep in mind, you’ll need another Eero router, like the Eero Pro, to use it.

If you’re looking to upgrade your house with smart home tech, you’ll need a router with plenty of power and Eero Pro is a good choice, especially is you’re taking advantage of the best smart home Black Friday deals.

Save big on an Eero mesh system with Eero Pro or Eero Beacon

Eero Pro 30% off

$139 at Amazon
$139 at B&H

The Eero Pro is one of the best mesh routers you can get with plenty of speed for 4K streaming, gaming, and working from home. It’s also compact with a footprint not much larger than a few CDs. With perfect compatibility with other Eero routers, it’s a great way to add some coverage or even start a new mesh.

Eero Pro 3-pack 30% off

$349 at Amazon
$350 at B&H

If you know you’ll need more than one Eero Pro, you can save some money by buying the three-pack. With these three routers, you can cover a large house whether it has three floors or just covers a large area. You can also work around challenging elements like brick walls with a mesh.

Eero Pro + 2 Beacons 48% off

$223 at Amazon
$223 at B&H

Get the fast Eero Pro router with two Eero Beacons for great coverage throughout your home. With no additional wires needed with Eero Beacons, you can simply place them where you need coverage and set them up with the Eero app.

Eero Beacon 40% off

$71 at Amazon
$71 at Best Buy
$71 at B&H

Eero Beacon succeeds in delivering consistent Wi-Fi performance in a compact housing. It can fit in just about anywhere thanks to its size and it plugs right into an outlet so there are no wires to run.

While the Beacon isn’t as fast as the Eero Pro thanks to its dual-band connection, it’s still a great choice for certain situations. First of all, it’s tiny. The Eero Beacon can be tucked in just about anywhere whether it’s behind a desk or in a rarely used hallway outlet. It has more than enough speed for 4K streaming and even work from home calls. If you’re looking for a way to improve your Wi-Fi without running wires or taking up a bunch of space with antenna-laden boxes, Eero Beacon is still a great choice.

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