An unannounced Apple Watch face called “World Timer” was inadvertently revealed in a Worldwide Developers Conference session covering UIKit on Tuesday, sparking rumors that the design will launch with watchOS 8 this fall.

Spotted by developer Duraid Abdul during today’s “What’s new in UIKit” session, the “World Timer” face is a digital representation of classic world time watches that feature an internal 24-hour ring or hand keep track of multiple time zones.Typical world time, or world timer, watches include an outer bezel or wheel displaying 24 well-known cities arranged by time zone. An inner 24-hour clock ring moves in time with the main watch hands. Users can set a “home city” by rotating the outer ring until a city in their time zone sits at the top of the dial. The main display denotes time in the home city, while the 24-hour clock designates the hour of each respective city on the bezel wheel.

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