CES 2017 4K HDR PC Monitors, A.I. Assistants, Android Wear 2.0

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CES 2017 What to Expect - 4K HDR PC Monitors, More A.I. Assistants, and Android Wear 2.0 in the wild.

Pre CES LG Thumb

CES 2017 LG Pre Show – What to Expect

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CES 2017 is here and what do we expect form LG? LG is expected to show off their answer to Amazon Alexa - Hub Robot, Wallpaper OLED Tv, K-Series phone and the Stylus 3.

PC Build

What’s In My PC?!? PC Build, Core I7, Geforce GTX 1070

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Nerds!! Come and check out this brand new PC Build. I have built this PC with gaming, VR and 4K in mind.

Below are the following components I used:

CES 2017 Promo

CES 2017 – Sounds Nerdy Will Be Live From the Show Floor

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Sounds Nerdy Will Be Live From the Show Floor in Las Vegas to bring you all the news, gadgets and toys from CES 2017 (Consumer Electronic Show). Let us know in the comments sections what you would like for us to cover.