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NordLayer — more than a business VPN

NordLayer — more than a business VPN

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Cybersecurity threats have become vast and more sophisticated. The rate of malware attacks and malicious activity counts within seconds despite the size or sector the organization belongs to — no one is safe enough to expect that foe actors will bypass vital company resources. Naturally, technical solutions migrated in a search for a new approach to security.


Many challenges come with legacy perimeter security  — it struggles to support modern companies with distributed teams that must dynamically react to ad-hoc changes. Therefore, business VPNs like NordVPN Teams had to evolve into a more comprehensive solution that merges contemporary cybersecurity practices. NordVPN Teams rebranded to NordLayer, an adaptive network security access solution best for organizations of small & medium sizes.


The latest modern infrastructure upgrades based on the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) framework and the Zero Trust mindset become a go-to security model. It aims to establish gradual security mesh over the company network that has to sustain sensitive information within the perimeter and carefully filter what enters through the enabled security policies guard-up. The NordLayer network access security design incorporates SASE and Zero Trust approaches within the solution.


NordLayer maintains its primary role as a business VPN product it initially offered under the name of NordVPN Teams. After the rebrand, the solution extends to be a more agile, flexible, and easily deployable tool that can scale up and down according to the organization’s needs. The product employs extensive security measures to create a layered protection model over a company network.


The necessity for change


The last couple of years has demonstrated to the world how ready industries must be for any sudden change. The ability to adapt became a vital criterion to ensure business continuity — security became threatened by many factors, forcing organizations to take quick action, which might often be considered overly complex and complicated.


The situation revealed that companies could not fulfill the requirements of a secured environment, which led to searching for solutions to guarantee sustainable business growth with controlled exposure to digital threats. The hybrid work setup, the rise of insider threats, and a load of cyberattacks put a lot of pressure on changing the outdated approach to security.

NordLayer — more than a business VPN

The impact of NordLayer


Evolved from a B2C to a B2B product and created by the team of the most trusted cybersecurity brand Nord Security — NordLayer design utilizes the collective developers’ experience to offer and deliver high-level security standard that is approachable for any organization.


NordLayer comes with a solution that helps handle the most urgent and critical issues enterprises face daily, solving ad-hoc problems and long-term concerns. It supports businesses with hardware-free infrastructure upgrades that implement cloud-based security functionalities to deliver compatibility with readily existing systems.


The solution makes remote access uncomplicated and agile, providing the ability to manage exposure to potential threats by adhering to SASE and Zero Trust framework fundamental capabilities. NordLayer establishes convenient management over traffic flow, endpoint connectivity, and data protection with a wide range of centralized security measures.


What features define NordLayer?


NordLayer’s trademark features are its seamless integration ability to scale and adapt to establish an agile network access security in multi-layered protection. Service quality is assured by a global private and shared server grid with Points-of-Presence (PoP) in over 30 countries. Broad infrastructure layout allows NordLayer to offer businesses private gateways, dedicated IP & allowlisting services, remote access controls to company resources for distributed teams.


Identity and access management plays an essential role in company network security that applies a hybrid work model. Security measures like Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), biometric authentication, or Single Sign-On (SSO), compatible with major service providers, enable endpoint authentication and verification to permit remote employees to access data and applications. Network segmentation defines access to only job-relevant company resources, so the movement of hostile actors is restricted in case of a security breach.


For a safer data flow, AES-256 bit traffic encryption and site-to-site business VPN connection hide data from the rest of the internet. Smart Remote Access feature creates virtual LAN as if remote teams were sitting in the office. The functionality allows accessing company servers and systems, providing team collaboration by managing and sharing files, controlling other devices, and enforcing the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) solution.


For complete safeguard and compliance with regulatory requirements, endpoint-to-endpoint security and safe BYOD policies are warranted by external threat prevention of jailbroken device detection, ThreatBlock, and auto-connect security features. Centralized Control Panel gives visibility over user traffic, activity, and device health within the company network to help manage the workload IT managers have to deal with over increased monitoring content.


Solution pricing plans


NordLayer makes its case convincing that cybersecurity is affordable even for small organizations — the network access solution comes with three different pricing plans depending on your company’s needs.


The Basic plan is as little as $7 per user/month. The Basic plan subscription enables a cloud-native network access solution that integrates with major OS, allows unlimited traffic and user number with flexible license transferability managed over a consolidated Control Panel. Default business security features include auto-connect, threat detection, data encryption, user authentication, and round-the-clock tech-savvy support.


The Advanced plan features all Basic plan benefits for $9 per user monthly. With this plan, the Basic plan features of shared access to 30+ global server locations and centralized billing settings included upgrades to an option to purchase a dedicated server in any of 20+ worldwide sites exclusively utilized by your company. This feature enables dedicated IP, site-to-site, IP allowlisting, network segmentation, and functionalities of Smart Remote Access — all delivered with priority 24/7 live tech-minded support.


Custom pricing plan includes all features & benefits of the Advanced plan plus custom network security measures tailored to your company’s requirements with premium technical support. It’s especially relevant for larger organizations that need a personalized solution. For a customizable, plan you should contact the sales team for a price quote and further information.


Expenses are shown with a deal of up to 22% off the price if billed annually.


Why should your business consider NordLayer?


NordLayer — more than a business VPNAlmost every company is obliged to upgrade their cybersecurity profile due to increased cyberattacks, changed work setup, and insufficient existing infrastructure, incapable of securing all-around protection over the company network. This complex problem requires effort, resources, and quick decision-making, demanding a comprehensive solution NordLayer can offer.


With design built with the most profound cybersecurity practices of SASE and Zero Trust approaches in mind, NordLayer establishes principle remote network access functionality to enable hybrid-working teams and prevent internal and external threats that endanger sensitive company information.


Overseeing the traffic flow and user activity within the perimeter, managing access rights, and segmenting the network help mitigate exposure to risks or detect them in real-time. The centralized NordLayer controls interface saves a great deal of time and effort for responsible IT teams eliminating the potential for human error efficiently switching on the high-level security measures within the company perimeter.

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