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LG made a wireless transparent OLED TV, and it’s as impressive as it sounds

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  • The LG Signature OLED T is the world’s first wireless transparent OLED TV.
  • LG is merging its transparent display tech with its Zero Connect Box for an impressive and unmatched TV experience in the premium end of the market.
  • The OLED T has a contrast screen that can be raised through a button on the remote when you want to enjoy content.

LG makes some great displays and excellent TVs, and we’re practically used to being wowed by their innovative products in this space. LG has taken to CES 2024 with yet another innovative product: a transparent OLED TV that is also wireless.

The new LG Signature OLED T is said to be the world’s first wireless transparent OLED TV. This is a 77-inch OLED TV that you can see through, and it uses LG’s wireless video and audio transmission tech to be wireless. LG has also thoughtfully added a contrast screen that you can raise when you actually want to enjoy some content, so you aren’t left dealing with a substandard media experience in the name of a transparent TV.

TVs look great when you are watching your favorite TV show, but when you are not, they tend to drag down the decor of your room. The benefit of a see-through screen is that you no longer have a black display dominantly occupying prime space in your room. You also don’t need to put the TV against the wall, as you can place it in the middle of the room as a divider of sorts or even prop it against a window without blocking the view. The OLED T comes in standalone, against-the-wall, and wall-mount options, and LG is also offering standing and floating shelf options on the sides of the screen to let customers deck the TV out.

The LG Signature OLED T uses LG’s Zero Connect Box to send 4K images and sound to the TV. There are no cables between the Zero Connect Box and the TV, though you’d need independent power sources for both. Still, that is as wireless an experience as it can practically get, and with a transparent TV, you can reimagine what your living space looks like. Rounding up the OLED T is LG’s new α (Alpha) 11 AI processor for improved graphics performance and processing speed.

LG has also added an Always-On Display feature to the Signature OLED T to make it a transparent digital canvas. Since there is no black screen, the content will appear to float in your living space. There is also a T-Bar feature that can display an info-ticker at the bottom of the display, showing off news alerts, weather updates, or song titles, while the rest of the display remains transparent.

Pricing and availability for the OLED T are unknown, but you can expect the TV not to be cheap. It’s at the pinnacle of bleeding-edge tech coming to consumers and is expected to be priced accordingly. It also appears that LG intends to sell this TV to consumers and not relegate it to a cool tech show demo.

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