Samsung made a speaker version of its popular Frame TV: Meet Music Frame Check out our complete coverage of CES 2024


The Frame TV turns your television into a work of art, and now Samsung’s new Music Frame does a similar job for your speakers.

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Key Takeaways

  • 1/3: Samsung extends its concept of turning tech into art with the Music Frame, a wireless speaker designed like a picture frame.
  • 2/3: The Music Frame displays physical photos or artwork, and can be hung on the wall or placed on a shelf.
  • 3/3: The speaker offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, can be used as a standalone or combined with a Samsung TV and soundbar for surround sound.

Samsung’s The Frame TV is a clever concept that allows you to turn your TV into a piece of art when you’re not watching it. The design of the TV is such that when you’re not watching a show or streaming a movie, you can display an artwork on the screen instead. Thanks to the design of the TV that mimics that of a picture frame, what would otherwise be a huge black slab on your wall becomes part of the décor.



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Samsung has now extended the concept to the world of speakers, too. Ahead of CES 2024, Samsung announced a slate of new products, including the Music Frame. The Music Frame is a wireless speaker that is also designed to mimic the style of a square picture frame. However, there’s no display on the Music Frame; instead, it displays physical photos or artwork, just as you would with a real picture frame. The 12.9-inch by 12.9-inch square size makes it ideal for displaying your favorite Instagram images, or album artwork. You can opt to display it on a shelf or media center, or you can hang it on your wall thanks to the same slimline power cable you find on The Frame TV.

Samsung made a speaker version of its popular Frame TV: Meet Music Frame

The speaker has two tweeters, two woofers, and two mid-range drivers and offers both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. We’ll have to wait a little longer to find out the price, however, as that hasn’t been announced yet, but you can sign up to be among the first to know when the Music Frame will be available and how much it will cost. If you can’t wait that long, you might want to check out the Symfonisk Picture Frame speaker which is a similar concept.



Standalone or surround

The Music Frame can be used as a standalone wireless speaker, but it can also be combined with a Samsung TV and soundbar to offer improved bass and surround sound. This uses Samsung’s Q-Symphony technology which allows you to play sound simultaneously from the internal speakers of your TV, as well as your soundbar and your Music Frame speakers. By utilizing all the available speakers, you’re able to achieve a better level of surround sound than when using just your TV speakers or soundbar.

The Music Frame is also SmartThings compatible, so you’ll be able to add the stylish speakers to your smart home setup. Now all that’s left is to decide what photo or artwork you’re going to display.

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