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I was really excited when Riwbox sent me these headphones to review because it’s the first time I’ve used any of their products and the headphones look really cool.
Before we get to the design, what’s in the box. You have the 3.5 mm cable, Micro USB charging cable, user manual, and headphones.


OK, let’s get to the design of the Riwbox XBT80 over-the-ear headphones. First, I opted for the white, gold, and grey color scheme. The color scheme works well together and gives the headphones a premiere look. They are quite comfortable and appear to just float and have a light feel on my head. The earmuffs, while not the softest nor the largest in the over-the-ear class, the feel is more than passable. Keep in mind these are budget headphones, so you are not going to get that premium quality in every area. Here’s a note of caution, if you have a larger head or a lot of hair, these may be a little tight for someone to squeeze in. Overall, for a budget pair of headphones, the design is spot on.



On a full charge, these headphones should last about 10 hours. During my testing, this was right around what I got. 10 hours is not a long-time battery life, even on a budget pair of headphones. Charging time is about 2 hours and you should get about 160 hours of standby time. Bluetooth 5.0 is also included in these. All the controls are located on the left earcup along with the USB charging port, 3.5 mm jack for when you want to use the wire, and MicroSD slot, more on that later. Here is where I’m going to be the most critical. Five buttons handle all the functions. Todays’ headphones usually feature just a few buttons to accomplish the same. The problem here is that it can be confusing to use controls. You have the power button, which does all of this…. Previous song and Volume up, Play/Pause, Volume down, and previous song.

So, if you followed me, the volume down and previous song button is on the top, while the volume up and next song button is at the bottom. Don’t you think they should have been reversed? Oh, and the final button is to switch between Bluetooth and SD card mode.

So, this is a unique feature where you slide in an SD card and you can listen to it straight from the headphones, no other device is needed. I don’t see many use cases for listening to an SD card. I guess if you wanted to go light and leave your phone behind and just pop in the SD and be out, that could work. I’m sure someone out there would use it.
The 3.5 mm cable does include an in-line microphone for wired use.

Alright, let’s dive into the sound. The Riwbox XBT80 headphones offer quality sound and deep bass. Most budget headphones really try to overcompensate by having extra bass to appeal to the youngins. With that said, THANKFULLY, Riwbox didn’t do that. There is more bass than normal, but never did it rattle or sounded muffled. For a sub 35 dollar pair of headphones, don’t expect these to compete with higher-end headphones. But listening to music I was not at all disappointed by the sound. Vocals came through with no problem and I was able to hear some of the subtle instruments in the background. While the call quality was adequate and got the job done, I would not use these for a long or very important conversation.

Riwbox XBT80 delivers a solid package for a pair of budget headphones. Typical things you would expect from budget headphones, good sound for the price, great design, and aesthetics. The extra bass is there for all you bass lovers but it’s not exaggerated in any way, just a little extra oomph for your listening pleasure. When handling these, you can tell they are cheaper based on the materials used so a little caution not to handle them roughly. I do wish the button labels were more prominent by using color on them and fewer buttons to fuss with. If you are looking for a budget pair of over-the-ear headphones that perform well, you may want to give these a look.

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Samsung Gear S3 Classic


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