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Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Review: Best Battery Life
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This Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Review breaks down the major aspect of any headphone, Design, Functionality and Sound. All of which the Galaxy Buds Plus pass the mark.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+:


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Samsung has released its updated wireless earbuds, the Galaxy Buds+. More speakers, longer battery, higher price tag. So should you go from the Galaxy Buds to the Galaxy Buds+, I’ll share with why you should in my Galaxy Buds Plus review.


The design of the Galaxy Buds Plus are pretty much similar to the previous Galaxy Buds. However, the Galaxy Bud Plus are are slightly heavier. That’s because the Galaxy Buds Plus have a larger battery at 85mAh compared to 58mAh on the original buds. Holding both pair of buds in my hands, I can definitely feel the weight difference. When opening and closing the case on the Galaxy Buds Plus, there is slightly more resistance giving The Galaxy Bud Plus a more premium feel and better build quality. The earbuds themselves are sleek, lightweight and are very comfortable when wearing and have a great feel and a tight secure fit. I can wear them four hours and not complaining about the comfort. A definite must for any great pair of earbuds.


As with previous Galaxy Buds, you tap the earbuds to control all the functions. Play, pause, next track, previous track, volume control and answer and hang up calls, pretty standard stuff. New to the Galaxy Buds Plus is the ability to long press and open Spotify. Just configure the long press option in the Galaxy Wear app and give it a long press and your music will start playing. You will see a app icon badge briefly appear and then Spotify will start playing. Wireless charging is also here and with fast charging. A quick three minute charge will give you one hour of battery power. Very handy if you’re short on time and need a quick charge. One great feature they finally brought to the Galaxy Bud plus is the ability to see the battery level of the charging case. I mean seriously, why wasn’t this on the first pair. I’m glad to see it’s here and it’s such a nice feature to see an accurate battery level of the charging case. Do note that pop up will only work on Samsung mobile devices running at least android 7.1.1 and have the SmartThings app installed. Now the battery life in the Galaxy Buds Plus got a huge upgrade. We are talking 11 hours on a full charge! WHAT?? are you serious. No other pair of earbuds can compare. In my testing, this was spot on. I was able to charge them once, and use them the rest of the day. The case has another full charge for a total of 22 hours. Now 22 hours isn’t the most out there but getting 11 hours on a single charge, make these king in that category. With Bluetooth version 5.0 present in Galaxy Buds Plus, the connectivity is pretty strong. I left my phone in my basement office in my house and I made it up to the 2nd floor before connection was spotty.


The sound of the previous Galaxy Buds were really good so it’s hard to improve on that without over hauling the mechanics and raising the price. In the Galaxy Buds Plus, to improve audio quality, Samsung added a two way speaker with a tweeter and woofer and an additional outer mic for better call quality. The sound on the Galaxy Buds Plus are awesome and during my testing, I put it through various tests such as Frequency response, spectral flatness, Dynamic and other tests. Needless to say, they passed with flying colors. Vocals come across crisp and clean. Accurate bass representation, instruments pop right in your ear. The only thing I will say is that they are not super loud. If you are someone who wants excessively loud headphones, these are not the ones. But, for me and I would suspect most people, these are plenty loud. I would like to have some hearing left when I get old. Doing a sound test, they reached over 80 decibels at max volume, which is equivalent to busy traffic on a street. Even though there isn’t active noise canceling, when listening to content, I would have to remove them in order to hear someone talking to me. They still a great job of eliminating outside noise.

The second outer mic added to the Galaxy Buds Plus does an even better job at blocking out the nearby sounds so your voice calls are clear from outside distractions. While using these for making calls, not one time did anyone complain about the background noise.


The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus at $149 check all the boxes, true bass, clear vocals and highs for great sound, reduced background noise for phone calls. 11 hour battery life on a single, again, no other pair of earbuds can compete in that category and fast charging for when you are in a hurry. If you are an android user and looking for a great pair of earbuds, look no further. Even if you own an IPhone and don’t want to spend $250 for earbuds, you should check these out. As the Galaxy Buds Plus name implies, these are an update to the original and not complete overhaul but the additions in my opinion make the extra $20 worth it, even if you own the previous pair.


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