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Vislla S7 Review: True Wireless Earbuds for $40

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We are always on the hunt for a good pair of budget earbuds. If you are like most people, you may not want to spend copious amounts of money on earbuds. According to the marketing speak, the Vislla S7 have One step pairing, IPX5 rating for water, sweat resistance and Long better life??? All for $40, Let’s check them out. As always, when I do my headphone reviews, I like to focus on 3 key areas, Design, Functionality and of course Sound.

Vislla S7 on Amazon:

So, the design of the actual earbuds are similar to the MPOW Flame headphones. The Vislla S7 have very flexible rubber earhooks which are needed to get a secure fit. More on that in a little bit. The included storage case is hard enough to protect your headphones from getting damage while being store. However, the case is quite large for earbuds but ironically doesn’t have adequate room to store eartips or a charging cable. Back to the ear hooks, although they are very flexible, I struggled with getting the eartips to make a secure fit, even after getting the ear hooks to fit snugly over my ear. I tried all three sizes and had no luck
Let’s move on to functionality.

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As with most other earbuds, there is a one physical button to control all the functions. Play, pause, next track, previous track, volume control and answer and hang up calls, pretty standard stuff. After the initial paring process, upon taking the headphones out of the case, they will automatically connect to your paired device, no having to fumble through the blue tooth menu to reconnect every time, really nice touch there. In my intro I eluded to long battery life. According to the specs, it claims between 7-8 hours of battery life on a single charge. These headphones actually live up to that and surpass that mark. I was able to get over 8 hours of playback. I was really shocked by that. Very Impressive. Additionally, the charging case hold two recharges.

Ok, first, let’s get the best aspect of the sound out the way. Bass. now the bass on these are well represented even without getting a secure fit. Makes me wonder how much bass there would be if there was a secure connection. Now the rest of the sound, not so good. It’s really hampered by the fact I couldn’t get a nice tight fit in my ears. Sound from the outside just poured in and I was able to hear everything around me. Quite annoying when trying to listen to my music with these. As I always say, sound is the most important and unfortunately, these fall short in that category. If you are looking for inexpensive part of earbuds to just have around and value battery life above sound, these may be for you. Those who want quality sound, look elsewhere.

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