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Wireless Earbuds Review: Fansrock L18

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Wireless Earbuds Review: Fansrock L18

Today we have a pair of sleek minimalist designed blue tooth ear buds for review. The Fansrock L18 Wireless Earbuds. But how does the sound stack up?

Written review below the video.

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Now, upon first setting eyes upon the Fansrock L18 earbuds, you quickly see the sleek, minimalist design that is fantastic. But how important is the design, I’ll get into that later.
The case that accompanies the ear buds are pretty cool too. One button on the front that opens the compartment to reveal the resting place for the ear buds. The ear buds snap into place via a magnetic connection for a secure connection, no worries about them falling out if left open. When the ear buds are charging, you can see the red light thru the top of the case. Also, on the back of the case, there is a flashing indicator to show that status of the charging case.
Now back to the ear buds, I do like black and silver color scheme. I didn’t have a problem with the ear buds staying in place as I exercised. When running and jumping, they didn’t require much adjusting. They do come with 3 pair of silicon ear tips to fit any size ear hole.

In keeping with a minimalist, sleek design, there is “one button to rule them all”
So the button does power on and off, skip forward and backwards, play and pause music, answer and hang up phone calls. Oh, I forgot about volume control. Well, these earbuds don’t support volume control with a button. Which means in order to control the volume, you would need to adjust it using the device its connected to. Is this a deal breaker, that up for you to decide. The convenience of having volume control right at your finger tips is preferable.

Sound is the most important aspect of any headphones. And without good sound, is there anything that can save a pair of headphones? Let’s explore that. Now, I was quite excited when received the Fansrock L18 earbuds for review. But unfortunately, this is where things begin to fall apart for these. Where do I start? Well with the sound of course. The sound is rather dull and flat. Picture a equalizer where you can adjust the levels up and down. Imagine all the levels are flat, this is pretty much how these sound. Vocals, mids, highs and lows are just flat. Now usually some lesser know headphone brands try to overcompensate bass when making up for lack of higher quality sound, but not in this case. Bass is left untouched and doesn’t stand out. Now, I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing for these headphones.
Now another issue I ran into with these were interference. When using these in a normal office environment, the sound would constantly fade in and out. Obviously this is very annoying and offers a not so pleasant user experience. When there was no interference around, they seem to operate as expected. Phone calls seem to be fine on the earbuds. The other party was able to hear me quite clearly.

Final Verdict
I do like the look and feel of these earbuds and the charging case as well, and despite having a very minimalist sleek deign, the failure in the sound category is too much to overcome. The main goal of any pair headphones is for listening enjoyment and pleasure and there just isn’t enough there to save these.

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