There is nothing in our homes that is more mundane than those smoke detectors. Those chirpy little red light-blinking smoke detectors can get annoying over time. One way to give them more excitement is by combining them with carbon monoxide detection. Carbon monoxide (CO), as you know, is a gas that kills quickly. It is called the “silent killer” because it is colorless, odorless, tasteless, and non-irritating. X-sense naturally combined both in this one unit, the wireless interlinked system, the SC07-W. There are a couple more goodies as well which will be detailed in this review.



The setup of the units is pretty simple. Once out of the box, flip the switch to

activate it. Install the base plate to your desired location, then pop the detector into the plate. If purchasing a multi-pack system, the units come pre-connected. I’ll detail the connectivity later in this review.

10-year Battery

SC07-W Wireless Interconnected Combination Alarm

The SC07-W has a sealed lithium battery that can last for 10 years. That means once you install it, no need to worry about changing the batteries every January or hunting around the house wondering if you have birds chirping in the attic. Once the battery has expired, you will have to get a new unit as the battery is not rechargeable or replaceable.

X-SENSE SC07-W Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Review
The package I received for testing contained three units. As you would expect, all three units can be interlinked to form one seamless unit so if one unit is alerted, they all will sound the alarm. The great thing about the SC07-W is that unlike some other units on the market that require electrical wiring to be interlinked, these can be linked wirelessly making it great for anyone who’s not electrically inclined.

The interlinking of the system is pretty straightforward with just a few taps of the test/silence button. Detailed instructions for this can be found in the user manual. The X-Sense SC07-W will not connect to other detectors made by other manufacturers. However, if you have other X-Sense Link alarms, they can be wirelessly connected to form one system.

CO Alarm levels

X-SENSE SC07-W Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Review

The combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarm are programmed to alert you if the CO levels reach a certain amount based on the table below.

70 ppm for 60-240 min

150 ppm for 10-50 min

400 ppm for 4-15 min

The detector is designed to detect CO levels ranging from 30 – 999 ppm. When CO is detected, the alarm sounds, and the CO level will be displayed on the LCD screen. The LED indicator will flash red and the alarm will issue four short beeps. This goes without saying, do not ignore the alarm and take immediate action.

Final Verdict

X-SENSE SC07-W Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Review

We all want to keep our homes and loved ones safe, that’s why we have smoke detectors installed in our homes. As I stated earlier, carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, and non-irritating gas that can kill you. This is why having a CO detector in our homes is essential. The X-Sense SC07-W in my opinion is a must for any home thanks to the combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector. Paired with the ease of setup and installation, the wireless connectivity of the system and eliminating the need to replace the battery every year make this a must-have.

The only caveat is that you have to replace them once the battery dies. But, this is offset by not having to worry about replacing the batteries every year. A very minor inconvenience that is clearly outweighed by the features that have been outlined.

To get your hands on a 3-pack, follow this link  and to get a 15% discount use the following code: 6NPA5DRI .  For that price and the features that accompany the X-Sense SC07-W, it is a great value.





X-SENSE SC07-W Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector


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