Hidden iOS 18 features
There are so many hidden features in iOS 18 to try out!
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Apple highlighted all the key iOS 18 features onstage during WWDC24‘s opening keynote last week. But the upcoming iPhone operating system packs many more features and improvements that Apple did not mention or talk about.

Here’s a roundup of all the little changes and useful features in iOS 18. (We will add to this post as additional features come to light.)

Not every iOS 18 feature will require a special mention, which makes sense since there are so many changes. During WWDC24, Apple talked about Apple Intelligence, a supercharged Siri and other major changes. But look beyond AI, and you will find iOS 18 is full of small but useful improvements.

Call icon in Recents app

iOS 18's Phone app has received a minor but important usability change.
iOS 18’s Phone app receives a minor but important usability change.
Screenshot: Rajesh Pandey/Cult of Mac

In iOS 18, Apple tweaked the Recents tab in the Phone app, showing a dial icon next to the call log entry. iOS 17’s current implementation leads to many accidental calls. This is because your iPhone directly calls the person when you tap the call log entry.

However, in iOS 18, tapping the call log entry will open the contact details page. To initiate a call, you must press the dial icon. Similarly, you will see a call icon next to the contact name in the Dialer tab. This improvement to the Phone app comes in addition to it finally gaining T9 dialing.

Adaptive Copy Edits feature in iOS 18’s Photos app

Copy Adaptive edits in iOS 18's Photos app.
iOS 18’s Adaptive Copy Edits will automatically match the exposure and white balance of the source image.
Screenshot: Redditor

Apple allows you to copy your edits and tweaks from one picture to another. You can even paste your edits across multiple photos at once. However, different pictures can have different exposure levels and white balance levels. So, copying the same edits across them might not always work.

A new Adaptive toggle in iOS 18’s Copy Edits menu will “automatically match the exposure and white balance of the source image.” This should prevent images from being overexposed or their white balance going haywire when you paste edits from another picture.

‘Keep Downloaded’ option in iCloud

'Keep Downloaded' option in Files app in iOS 18.
iOS 18’s Files app gains a useful “Keep Downloaded” option.
Screenshot: Rajesh Pandey/Cult of Mac

The upgraded Files app introduces a “Keep Downloaded” option for files saved in iCloud. Use this option to download a file, ensuring it won’t be automatically removed from your iPhone to free up space.

iOS 18 keyboard gains multilingual support

iOS 18 supports multilingual keyboards, so you can use up to two languages simultaneously. The improvement also will work with QuickPath (slide to type) and voice typing. However, the feature might not work with all languages.

Offline Apple Maps syncing with Apple Watch

Offline maps syncing in Apple Watch on iOS 18 and watchOS 11.
You can sync offline Apple Maps to Apple Watch with iOS 18.
Screenshot: tbone388

iOS 18 and watchOS 11 enable you to download and sync offline Apple Maps with Apple Watch. This way, you can access maps and get navigation directions right from your wrist, even without an internet connection.

Adjust the flashlight’s width

Apple already allows you to adjust the flashlight intensity on iPhones through the Control Center. With iOS 18, you can even change the flashlight’s width!

Now on iOS 18, you can also adjust the width of the torch on your iPhone (not just the intensity).

— Alvin (@sondesix) June 10, 2024

Screen bezel expands when pressing a physical key

Pressing the volume or side button on your iPhone will trigger an animation that looks like the screen bezel is expanding.

Now this is an awesome new attention to detail on iOS 18.

When you press a volume button, there’s an effect that makes it look as if the screen bezel is expanding.

— Alvin (@sondesix) June 10, 2024

Power button in Control Center

Control Center gets a virtual power button in iOS 18.
Control Center gets a virtual power button in iOS 18.
Screenshot: Rajesh Pandey/Cult of Mac

iOS 18 adds a virtual power button to the Control Center. So, like me, do not worry if you cannot remember the key combination to turn off or restart your iPhone. Use the power button on the top-left in iOS 18’s Control Center to bring up the power menu.

Search suggestions in Settings

Search suggestions in iOS 18 Settings menu
Search in iOS 18’s Settings menu is getting a handy upgrade
Screenshot: Rajesh Pandey/Cult of Mac

The search function in the Settings menu in iOS 18 will automatically show relevant suggestions based on your past usage.

Revamped iCloud page

Revamped iCloud Settings page in iOS 18.
The iCloud Settings page gets a makeover in iOS 18.
Screenshot: Rajesh Pandey/Cult of Mac

iOS 18 refreshes the iCloud page under Apple Account > iCloud. This gives you a clear view of the total storage available and what data you are backing up to the cloud.

Hide App labels

You can hide the app icon labels in iOS 18.
You can hide the app icon labels on your iPhone’s Home Screen in iOS 18.
Screenshot: Rajesh Pandey/Cult of Mac

Among the plethora of new Home Screen customization options in iOS 18, Apple also added the ability to hide the app labels.

There are likely more hidden features and changes in iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 that are yet to be discovered. We will continue updating this article when we come across them.

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