Despite being on the market for less than two weeks, the iPhone 15 has already garnered its share of user complaints, with overheating issues taking center stage. However, it’s not just overheating woes that have some iPhone 15 users feeling less than satisfied with their new devices. A growing contingent of users is now reporting issues related to the phone’s built-in speakers. To be more precise, they describe an audio experience marred by crackling and rattling sounds, marking yet another concern for this recently launched flagship smartphone.

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Apple iPhone 15 Speaker Issue

A Reddit post has attracted multiple comments from users of various iPhone 15 models, all sharing a common grievance: distorted and crackling audio when the volume is cranked up to higher levels. Reports from these users indicate that the earpiece speaker, in particular, appears to be the most susceptible to this issue.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Earpiece speaker
byu/WoodenAlternative212 iniphone

Renowned TikToker Milesabovetech raised concerns about crackling sound issues on his iPhone 15 Pro Max. Notably, Apple acknowledged the problem and generously replaced his iPhone twice at no additional cost. However, it appears that this issue is not isolated, as various iPhone 15 users on Reddit have also sought replacements from Apple, only to find that the problem persists even with brand-new units.

Now this is really the only noticeable issue I’ve had the iPhone 15 Pro Max, everything else about the phone has been great

— MilesAboveTech (@milesabovetech) October 2, 2023

The root cause of the iPhone 15 speaker issues remains uncertain at this juncture. It’s unclear whether these problems stem from a hardware malfunction or if they are more likely linked to a software issue. Notably, the fact that many affected users continue to experience the same problem even after replacing their iPhones leans towards a potential software-related explanation. However, it’s essential to emphasize that Apple has not officially acknowledged any issues related to this matter as of now.

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