Two well-known Apple insiders said in a matter of days that the iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max would feature larger displays than their predecessors. In such a case, the iPhone 16 Pro Max would have the largest display on any iPhone ever. We now have a third source joining Ross Young and Ming-Chi Kuo with the same claim. Size increases are in for the iPhone 16 Pros next year.

Like Young, this leaker also offered the purported screen sizes for the two devices. We’re looking at 6.3 inches for the iPhone 16 Pro screen and 6.9 inches for the 16 Pro Max display.

Young mentioned the same screen sizes for two iPhone 16 Pro models on Twitter a few days ago without providing additional explanations.

Ming-Chi Kuo dropped a note on Twitter about Apple’s camera suppliers earlier this week. The analyst said both iPhone 16 Pro models will feature periscope cameras next year. To do that, Apple will bump the size of the smaller Pro model, Kuo said. He didn’t reveal a screen size but claimed that the extra space will allow Apple to place a periscope zoom camera inside the smaller Pro model.

I’m not too fond of the idea of iPhones increasing in size, but I speculated there might be another reason Apple needs more internal space. If the iPhone 16 Pro models get solid-state buttons, they must accommodate additional Taptic Engines inside the phone.

Nothing is confirmed, and Apple has plenty of time to change the iPhone 16 design parameters. The 2024 iPhones won’t launch until September.

But a third leaker who goes by the name of Unknownz21 on Twitter seems to corroborate Young and Kuo’s claims. According to the person, Apple is working on two iPhone 16 Pro models with increased display sizes and periscope lenses.

Unknownz21 also mentioned the screen sizes for next year’s smartphones. We’re looking at the same 6.3-inch and 6.9-inch sizes that Young mentioned in his report.

The iPhone 15 Pro models will feature 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch screen sizes, similar to their predecessors. Despite the overall design changes, these have been the standard iPhone Pro sizes for years.

I didn’t necessarily expect a size bump for any of the Pro models. And I worry the iPhone 16 Pros will be too large and heavy. Then again, maybe Apple can increase the display panels without making the new Pros too uncomfortable to hold and operate.

Whatever the case, we’re more than a year away from the iPhone 16 series launch. Apple has time to toy with all sorts of ideas before settling on a final design for the 2024 iPhones.

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Another leaker claims iPhone 16 Pro models will be the biggest iPhones ever

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