Late last month, I told you about a deal that dropped Apple AirTag trackers to the lowest price of 2023. Now, just a few short weeks later, I have even more good news for Apple fans.

First and foremost, the deal on AirTag 4-packs is back, which means you can save 12% and get them for $87 on Amazon instead of $99. That cuts your cost to $21.25 per AirTag, which narrowly beats the previous lowest price of the year. And now, there’s also another deal that gets you a tiny discount on individual AirTags so you don’t have to buy a 4-pack if you’re only looking for one.

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Bluetooth tracking devices are really having a moment right now. Of course, they’ve been popular for years, but Apple’s entrance into the market with the AirTag really kicked things into high gear.

Apple first released the AirTag tracker back in 2021, and it immediately because the best-selling Bluetooth tracking tag among our readers. The AirTag is quite similar to trackers that had already been on the market for a while. But the real draw is the network behind the AirTag.

People gravitate toward Apple’s Bluetooth tracker because of the massive network of devices behind it. No matter where your AirTag is, there will almost certainly be iPhones and iPads nearby. The AirTag connects to all of them anonymously to relay its location to the Find My app. This way, you can locate it practically anywhere in the world.

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At $29, AirTag trackers aren’t cheap. But they also don’t command as much of a premium as some other Apple accessories out there. Still, it’s nice to save money whenever possible, and there’s a great AirTag sale right now that Apple fans should take advantage of.

The best deal is on AirTag 4-packs, which are 12% off right now at $87 on Amazon. That drops your price to just $21.25 per AirTag, which is a new low price in 2023. This deal is also $3 cheaper than the sale I told you about last month.

Or, if you just want one AirTag, single trackers are down to $27.99 right now. That’s not much of a discount, but it’s better than paying the full price.

And finally, for people who prefer Tile trackers to Apple’s AirTag, there are a pair of deals that you’ll want to take advantage of. The Tile Pro is on sale for $26.93, down from $35, and the Tile Essentials 4-pack is $10 off at $69.88.

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Apple AirTag tracker 4-packs are $87, the lowest price of 2023

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