Apple blocked ChatGPT-powered email app BlueMail

BlueMail cofounder Ben Volach says that Apple blocked a ChatGPT-powered feature included in an update to the iOS app.

He said that the company told him the inclusion of AI-generated content required the use of a 17+ age restriction, to guard against minors being exposed to inappropriate content…

BlueMail and Apple have history

BlueMail developer Blix doesn’t exactly have the best of relationships with Apple.

Blix was, alongside Epic Games, one of the founding members of the Coalition for App Fairness, set up to fight the cut Apple takes from the App Store.

The developer also previously filed a (frankly ridiculous) lawsuit, claiming that the Sign In With Apple feature infringed a patent held by the developer. That case was dismissed.

Apple blocked ChatGPT-powered update to BlueMail

The latest BlueMail update includes AI features designed to pull text from past emails, in order to help you write new ones. The tech is powered by OpenAI’s latest ChatGPT chatbot.

Volach told the WSJ that Apple had blocked the update.

Apple has delayed the approval of an email-app update with AI-powered language tools over concerns that it could generate inappropriate content for children, according to communications Apple sent to the app maker. The software developer disagrees with Apple’s decision.

Apple took steps last week to block an update of email app BlueMail because of concerns that a new AI feature in the app could show inappropriate content, according to Ben Volach, co-founder of BlueMail developer Blix Inc., and documents viewed by The Wall Street Journal.

In rejecting the update, Apple told Volach that “your app includes AI-generated content but does not appear to include content filtering at this time.” It said that because the app could potentially generate adult content, it must use the 17+ age restriction.

Responding to the WSJ, Apple said that it is investigating Blix’s complaint, and pointed to the ability of developers to file an appeal with the App Review Board. The company didn’t comment on claims that other AI apps have been allowed through without age restrictions.

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Apple blocked ChatGPT-powered email app BlueMail; requires 17+ age restriction

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Apple blocked ChatGPT-powered email app BlueMail; requires 17+ age restriction

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Apple blocked ChatGPT-powered email app BlueMail; requires 17+ age restriction

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