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Apple continues headset trademark spree with ‘xrProOS’ filings

Apple has reportedly applied for yet another trademark for its mixed-reality headset, with a shell company trying to secure ‘xrProOS’ in multiple countries.

As the expected launch of the Apple VR and AR headset at WWDC approaches, Apple will be pulling out the stops to get everything ready on time. While it has seemingly already done this for some trademarks that may be related to the headset, it appears that there’s more trademark applications out there.

“Deep Dive LLC,” believed to be a Delaware-based shell company controlled by Apple, has already filed for trademarks for “xrOS” and “XROS,” thought to be the operating system used by the headset, in countries including New Zealand and Singapore.

In the latest discovery, spotted by MacRumors late on Sunday, Deep Dive submitted trademark applications for “xrProOS” on May 18. The filings were made in Argentina, Turkey, and the Philippines complete with styling in Apple’s SF Pro font.

Other filings for xrProOS have also been made without the font styling on the same date, in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

The earliest application for the trademark apparently took place in Jamaica on April 27, as a tactic to start the registration process early and in secret due to Jamaica’s lack of searchable online trademark databases.

Previously, Apple was believed to have filed for trademarks including “Reality OS,” “Reality One,” “Reality Pro,” and “Reality Processor,” again under what could be a shell company.

The large number of trademark filings makes it hard to work out what exactly Apple’s name for the headset and connected technologies will be. However, all should become clear on June 6, that is, if Apple does use WWDC to introduce its headset.

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Apple continues headset trademark spree with ‘xrProOS’ filings

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