Apple released developer documentation, revealing a new price system is coming on App Store. The company is now increasing the number of price points 10 times, allowing developers to pick between 900 option.

This is a major step up from the existing $0.99-per-step system, and should the developers chose to, they can set whole-number values.

Apple finally brings new pricing system to App Store

Pricing for apps and in-app purchases can start at $0.29, while the highest a developer can charge is $10,000, although this would require special permission from Apple. The new steps will include every $0.10 interval up to $10 or every $0.50 interval up to $50.

Developers will also be able to use “globally equalized prices” that follow the most common pricing conventions in each country or region. The availability of apps and in-app purchases can be regionalized to allow developers to provide “customized services” to their users.

Apple finally brings new pricing system to App Store

On May 9, 2023, Apple will update pricing for existing apps and one-time in-app purchases across all 175 App Store storefronts, and the globally equalized cost will be adapted using “publicly available exchange rate information from financial data advisers, the press release stated.

If developers fail to update before the deadline, Apple will do it for them, basing the conversion on the basic US dollar price.


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Apple overhauls App Store pricing system

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Apple overhauls App Store pricing system

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Apple overhauls App Store pricing system

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