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WWDC 2024

WWDC 2024

(Image credit: Apple)

1. iOS 18what’s next for iPhone?
iPadOS 18 — will Apple finally unleash the power of iPad?
macOS 15 — what’s new for Mac?
4. Apple Intelligence — what will it be able to do?

Amidst the chaos of WWDC, a big upgrade to Apple Pay has flown under the radar that will transform how users are able to pay for their goods on any desktop web browser, notably on Windows. 

As announced by Apple in a WWDC 2024 developer video, Apple has made a significant change to Apple Pay on the web with iOS 18. Apple says that iOS 18 will “extend the Apple Pay user experience to any device with a browser, including those outside the Apple ecosystem.”

So how does it work? Apple says that users will be able to use Apple Pay on any non-Safari browser by simply scanning a code with their iPhone.  

Apple Pay on the web

Apple says the change is incredibly easy for developers to implement. Once added, websites that display the Apple Pay logo can surface a “Scan Code with iPhone” popup if a user selects Apple Pay at the checkout while using a browser that isn’t Safari. The scannable code can be scanned using the iPhone’s camera, just like a normal QR code, and then the user can complete the transaction as normal on their iPhone. 

Apple Wallet and Apple Pay broadly went unmentioned during the WWDC 2024 keynote. However, Apple did announce new Apple Pay features including the ability to redeem rewards. A new Tap to Cash feature now lets users send and receive Apple Cash simply by holding two iPhones together. Finally, tickets in Apple Wallet now display a richer sweep of information including stadium details for events like concerts and sports fixtures. Arguably, this unannounced Apple Pay on the web change is more exciting for users who either don’t use a Mac or prefer not to use Safari to browse the web. Windows users and Safari-avoiders alike will now have the opportunity to pay for goods using Apple Pay on their iPhones thanks to these handy scannable codes, providing merchants adopt the system on their end. You can download the iOS 18 beta now to try out the latest OS for yourself. Otherwise, it’ll be released to the public later this year, likely in September alongside the iPhone 16.

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