The Apple MixC Wenzhou storefront [Weibo]

Apple prepares to open 46th Chinese Apple Store on November 4

The next Apple Store in mainland China is set to open within weeks, with the storefront at the MixC Wenzhou mall being teased by a historic local textile printing technique.

Apple has not opened a new storefront for three months, but that will change in early November. Apple will be opening the Apple MixC Wenzhou storefront on November 4 at 10:00 AM local time.

The store will be the 46th in mainland China, reports Michael Steeber, with it also being the fourth in the province of Zhejiang, as well as the first in Wenzhou itself. Apple’s retail outlet will take up a single-level store space on floor L1 of the mall.

Steeber points out that this will be the tenth Apple Store in China that will use the MixC prefix, referring to the chain of CR MixC Lifestyle malls across the country.

In promoting the store, Apple has covered the front opening with a temporary fabric mural, shots procured from Weibo show. The mural uses an ancient textile printing technique translated as “blue chip valerian” that Wenzhou is known for.

As well as a physical fabric mural at the store itself, Apple has released wallpapers for Mac, iPad, iPhone, and an Apple Watch face. They are all available from the Apple Store’s dedicated page on the Apple website.

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