After Apple started hiring for its first retail in India, the Cupertino firm now wants to expand its presence in Southeast Asia by looking for people to work on its first store in Malaysia. According to a Bloomberg report, Apple recently published job listings on its website for locations in the country.

The company is looking for store managers, technical specialists and support staff, salespeople for businesses, and operating experts. All of these positions are for Apple’s own retail stores, not third-party reseller locations.

Bloomberg highlights the importance of the Asia-Pacific segment for Apple, as the company generated more than $29 billion in the last fiscal year. The Asia-Pacific segment excludes Greater China and Japan.

Currently, it’s unknown where Apple plans to open its retail store in Malaysia, but it’s likely going to be in Kuala Lumper, the nation’s capital. According to the publication, “the move will bolster Apple’s presence in Southeast Asia, where it already has stores in Thailand and Singapore.”

Opening a retail store isn’t as simple as it seems, as Apple takes several years to expand its presence in a new country. In India, for example, the company has been rehearsing a store in the country for quite some time. While Apple already produces several iPhone models in India, we have yet to see the first store open in the country.

According to Bloomberg, the last international Apple store expansion occurred in 2018 with a location in Bangkok, meaning the company hasn’t opened a store in a new region for five years now. The company’s retail chain started nearly 22 years ago, and Apple currently has more than 500 stores globally.

BGR will keep reporting on Apple’s efforts to expand its presence in retail stores globally and when the company indeed opens its location in Malaysia.

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Apple starts hiring for its first store in Malaysia

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Apple starts hiring for its first store in Malaysia

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Apple starts hiring for its first store in MalaysiaApple starts hiring for its first store in Malaysia

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