A few days ago, MacRumors obtained an internal memo that Apple would be adding both the Thunderbolt Display and the original iPad Air to the obsolete products list worldwide on May 31. Both of these products were discontinued in 2016. When sales for an Apple product have ended for at least seven years, that product is classified as obsolete. That said, obsolete products will no longer qualify for future service or repairs at Apple Stores or Apple Authorized Service Providers.

The Thunderbolt Display, introduced in July 2011, was Apple’s last official monitor before the company stopped making its monitors for years. The Thunderbolt Display featured a plethora of ports, including a Thunderbolt port to connect several Thunderbolt accessories, a built-in 720p camera, and a massive 27-inch screen with a resolution of (2560×1440). The Studio Display, introduced in March 2022, is the spiritual successor that integrates beautifully with any modern Mac, such as a built-in camera that supports Center Stage, a six-speaker setup, and a gorgeous 27-inch Retina 5K display.

The original iPad Air, introduced in October 2013, was one of Apple’s first iPads that brought a newer design that was originally introduced with the iPad mini from last year. The design and performance were revolutionary as the original iPad was 28% lighter than its predecessor, the iPad (4th generation). It was also the first iPad to feature a 64-bit chip on a tablet.

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Apple to Add Thunderbolt Display and Original iPad Air to Obsolete List Worldwide

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