Over this past week, Apple TV 4K users started complaining about an error on the HBO Max app, saying they couldn’t play a specific title. While some have found workarounds to play a movie or a TV show, HBO said it’s aware of this bug, and it’s working on a fix for these playback errors.

According to The Verge, this issue is currently affecting all Apple TV 4K models, including the newest version released last month, running tvOS 16.1. This problem was found on the latest HBO Max app version 52.50.1, released on Nov 16.

To the publication, HBO’s SVP of Communications Chris Willard said HBO is “aware and working on a fix” for this issue. The Verge‘s Umar Shakir also had trouble while using the HBO Max app and shared a few tips that worked with some users but not him:

  • Force quitting the app;
  • Logging out of HBO Max;
  • Reinstalling the app;
  • Restarting the Apple TV 4K.

If neither of these options is helpful, Shakir said it’s possible to turn off HDR so this “can’t play title” error disappears.

He says that from the Apple TV Home Screen, users need to go to Settings, then Video and Audio, change Format to “SDR,” set Match Content to Disable, turn off Dynamic Range, and turn off match Frame Rate.

If this doesn’t help, customer support says users can change the resolution to 1080p or 720p. While neither of these workarounds sounds like a good solution, at least it’s possible to continue watching your favorite TV shows.

Early this year, HBO Max released an update that brought a new app to users, making it faster and more intuitive. While these changes are beneficial, the company is still polishing the edges and improving the app for all users.

BGR will let you know once the fix for this bug is available.

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