Apple TV+ closing movie gap with rotating back catalog for subscribers


When Apple introduced Apple TV+, the company promoted it as a streaming platform focused on original movies and TV shows. However, Apple now seems to be shifting its strategy with Apple TV+, as the platform now has a back catalog for the first time.

Apple TV+ now has a back catalog

Back in September, the company added five classic Sidney Poitier films to Apple TV+ to celebrate the premiere of an original Apple documentary film by Sidney. Earlier this month, the company promoted a similar action by launching a collection of Jennifer Lawrence movies on Apple TV+ for a limited time as the actress stars in the Apple Original Movie “Causeway.â€

Now, as noted by TechRadar, Apple TV+ has been quietly expanding its back catalog in the US with a “number of licensed movies not owned by the company.†For instance, some subscribers will find third-party movies available as suggested bonuses when exploring Spirited, Mythic Quest, and Causeway on Apple TV+.

Among the third-party bonus content available are movies like Semi-Pro, Old School, and Van Wilder. According to the report, there are more than 20 licensed movies available on Apple TV+ in the US. At least for now, Apple is not promoting the back catalog in other countries. But even though Apple TV+ now has a back catalog, Apple doesn’t seem to want that to be the primary strategy for the platform.

Most of the licensed movies added to Apple TV+ will be available on the platform for a limited time. Some of them will be removed after November 30. Still, it’s interesting to see that Apple is trying to close the gap with a rotating back catalog.

9to5Mac’s Take

As mentioned before, Apple TV+ came with the promise of offering great original content. And the platform is succeeding with that, as Apple TV+ has award-winning original movies and series. But still, that may not seem like enough for some subscribers.

Now Apple is showing us that it can offer a back catalog on Apple TV+. But if it really wants to go down this path, it should do it the right way instead of just adding old, bonus content for a limited time to the platform. What are your thoughts on this? Would you like to see more third-party content available on Apple TV+? Let us know in the comments section below.

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