Multiview feature for Apple TV 4K

Apple TV+ launches multiview for ‘Friday Night Baseball’ and MLS Season Pass

If you’ve been watching a baseball game or soccer match on your Apple TV 4K and wished you could stream another at the same time, you finally can.

On Thursday, Apple officially launched the multiview feature on Apple TV 4K for both “Friday Night Baseball” and MLS Season Pass games. With this feature going live, viewers will be able to watch up to four simultaneous streams from Major League Soccer, select Major League Baseball games, and even MLS and MLB live studio shows.

The multiview experience is customizable for each viewer, and it starts with a row of available content that will appear on the bottom of the TV. To get the feature to work, though, you’ll need both the Apple TV 4K and be using the Apple TV app.

With multiview, viewers will be able to select a live game from the row of available matches. They will then be able to select between different layout options, whatever works best for how they want to watch up to four games at once.

Viewers have various options to choose from, including being able to specify audio preferences, even choosing the home radio feed when watching an MLS Season Pass game, or the home and away radio feed for “Friday Night Baseball”. With multiview, fans can choose to show one game prominently, or use split-screen to show up to four.

The multiview feature for the Apple TV 4K and the Apple TV app is available now, and requires Thursday’s operating system updates.

MLS Season Pass costs $12.99 per month for Apple TV+ subscribers, or $14.99 per month for non-subscribers. Meanwhile, “Friday Night Baseball” is included with an Apple TV+ subscription, which now costs $6.99 per month.

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Apple TV+ launches multiview for ‘Friday Night Baseball’ and MLS Season Pass

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