Apple Vision Pro might have more storage than most iPhones – 9to5Mac

How much storage space does a spatial computer need? Probably more than most iPhones, according to findings shared from a hands-on developer experience.

iPhoneSoft today shared that it believes Apple Vision Pro features 1TB of local storage. The storage capacity was reportedly viewed in the headset’s Settings app on visionOS.

Given what we know about Vision Pro so far, it’s no surprise that Apple may be planning to give the mixed reality headset a generous amount of onboard space. You’ll likely need the space for apps, media, and projects.

Apple is positioning Vision Pro as a standalone computer, and using the same M2 chip as the iPad Pro and Mac lines means it will have plenty of computing power.

There’s always a chance, however, that the developer hardware and the final version of Vision Pro that Apple ships won’t have the same specs.

Apple could sell 256GB versions for the “starting from” price and offer 512GB and 1TB versions for an even higher premium.

Apple’s M2 chip currently pairs with up to 2TB of storage on the MacBook Air line. While a single configuration of Vision Pro is probably the simplest way to sell this thing, it’s also hard to imagine Apple not offering a more expensive version for more money.

Apple has confirmed that the $3500 headset will be powered by the M2 chip with up to 2 hours of battery life, but other specifications are hardly finalized at this point.

Apple Vision Pro will go on sale in the United States in early 2024, says Apple, before expanding internationally later in the year.

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Apple Vision Pro might have more storage than most iPhones – 9to5Mac

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