Apple Watch spots undiagnosed heart problem in author

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British author Adam Croft says he woke to find his Apple Watch had been repeatedly alerting him about his undiagnosed undiagnosed atrial fibrillation.

Now according to BBC News, self-published thriller author Adam Croft says he had ignored dizziness before going to bed.. He’d “felt a bit dizzy” during the evening, and then at one stage “felt the world closing in.”

“Being a man I thought not much of it and took myself up to bed,” the Bedfordshire-based man told the BBC.

In the morning, he awoke to find that his Apple Watch had sent him notifications every couple of hours, each alert saying he should seek medical advice over atrial fibrillation.

Croft rang 111, the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) number for medical enquiries. That number is similar to the country’s emergency 999 or the US 911, but is generally used for less serious issues.

“I called 111,” he said, “who said get to hospital within the hour.”

Bedford Hospital performed two ECGs and confirmed the author has atrial fibrillation. Croft has been put on medication to thin his blood, and will receive a cardioversion procedure which uses quick shocks to restore a regular heart rhythm.

“It is something that will get worse and will happen more and more over time,” he said, “so it’s a case of keeping my stress levels down and looking after myself.”

“The watch will be staying on now,” he concluded.

Aside from the atrial fibrillation detection, Apple Watch has a series of health features that are particularly good for users who need to stay healthy while working from home.

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Apple Watch spots undiagnosed heart problem in author

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Apple Watch spots undiagnosed heart problem in author

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Apple Watch spots undiagnosed heart problem in authorApple Watch spots undiagnosed heart problem in author

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