The Apple Watch Ultra is Apple’s biggest smartwatch yet. It’s also arguably the best smartwatch that Apple has ever made. It sports a brand-new design that’s unlike any other smartwatch on the market. And as you might presume, it also has a steep price tag that’s hundreds of dollars more expensive than the Apple Watch Series 8 or Apple Watch SE.

A surprise sale on Amazon today just slashed the Apple Watch Ultra to a new all-time low price. Instead of the $799 you’ll have to spend right now at any Apple Store, you can score a hot new Apple Watch Ultra for just $701.99. That’s a discount of nearly $100, and it beats the previous lowest price by almost $30.

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Our guide covering the best Apple Watch deals online is packed full of discounts on every model that Apple sells. Visit that guide right now, and you’ll find all-time low prices on the Apple Watch Series 8 and the latest Apple Watch SE, which is up to $30 off right now. There’s even an excellent sale going on right now that saves you up to $350 off an Apple Watch Series 7 in brand-new condition.

But today, a surprising new deal popped up on the Apple Watch Ultra.

As a longtime Apple Watch user, I have to admit that the Apple Watch Ultra makes me a little jealous. I recently upgraded to the Apple Watch Series 8, and it’s a fantastic smartwatch. But I find myself missing the titanium case on the Apple Watch Ultra and the other exclusive features. And don’t even get me started on the Ultra model’s two-day battery life. I’m lucky if I can get 18 hours out of my Series 8.

I also love the design of the Apple Watch Ultra, which has a flat display instead of the curved screens you’ll see on the Series 8 and SE models. The design that I love so much is also the Apple Watch Ultra’s biggest problem, however: It’s absolutely massive.

The Apple Watch Ultra is much too big for my wrist. So, until Apple releases a smaller version, there’s no way I can get one. If you’re a fan of the big case, however, now is definitely a great time to buy one.

Amazon Logo Available on Amazon

As I mentioned earlier, a new sale just popped up on Amazon. The Apple Watch Ultra has been discounted from $799 all the way down to just $701.99. That’s almost $100 off, and it’s a new all-time low price for the Apple Watch Ultra in brand-new condition.

Of note, there’s another Apple Watch Ultra sale on refurbished models that can save you even more money. If you don’t mind getting a renewed Apple Watch Ultra, you’ll find prices starting at less than $650.

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Apple Watch Ultra drops to $702, a new all-time low price

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