Back in July, Apple announced that developers could begin applying for Vision Pro developer kits. Today, CEO Tim Cook provided another update onstage at the company’s Cupertino “Wonderlust” launch event: the Vision Pro headset is still on track to ship early next year.

Early testers of the Vision Pro have been highly impressed with the headset’s display resolution, video passthrough capabilities, and gesture detection. It’s clearly a very capable headset, but the true test of its potential will be in the use cases it presents. The stronger the Vision Pro’s app ecosystem is at launch, the more likely it is that consumers will decide they need it.

Cook also announced, later on in the event, that the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro will be able to capture spatial video using its main and ultrawide cameras in combination. That feature is coming later this year.

Apple announced the Vision Pro in June. The headset was said to be on track for a release early next year, starting in the US. Today’s news doesn’t change that but does indicate that, at least so far, there’s no delay in Apple’s roadmap — despite reports that key parts of the headset, like its outward-facing display, were not yet working on early units.

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