We should all be familiar with the Beats line of premium audio gear. It made a name for itself back in 2011, and it’s looking to do it all over again in 2024. The company just launched the new Beats Solo 4 series of headphones and Solo Buds.

It’s Beats season, as the Apple-owned brand is launching its latest and greatest devices. Not too long ago, we got word about the company preparing to launch a new Beats Pill. This one will share some design attributes with previous iterations, but it’ll still come with some defining features. Right now, we’re still waiting for information about this new speaker. What we know is that it’s going to be a powerful device that you can take pretty much anywhere.

Beats unveil the new Beats Solo 4 and Solo Buds

Starting off with the buds, this isn’t Beats’ first round of TWS earbuds, but they do stand out. The company has a line of earbuds called the Studio Buds. Those are designed to be premium, and they have a price to show.

The Solo Buds, on the other hand, bring power down to a more affordable price point. Coming in at only $79.99, these are targeted to the mid-range audio market. Also, this makes them the cheapest Beats on the market. While they’re affordable, they still offer a great audio experience.

Each earbud has a dual-layer driver which the company says minimizes the micro-distortions in the audio. The result is an overall more accurate sound. Those drivers are axel-aligned to be parallel to the nozzle. This delivers the audio directly to your ears.

The Solo Buds support both Android and iOS, and they’re also compatible with both the Find My Device network and Apple’s Find My network. They can last up to 18 hours on a single charge but your mileage will vary. To get that 18-hour figure, the Solo Buds were tested at 50% volume and streamed audio at 256-Kbps with AAC encoding.

The Solo Buds come in Matte Black, Arctic Purple, Transparent Red, and Storm Gray. You can order them from the official Beats website today.

Beats Solo 4

Moving on to bigger fish, the Beats Solo 4 are the company’s newest flagship headphones. They come in at $199.99, and they’re worth every dime. Since these are the latest headphones from the company, they’re better in just about every way.

The Solo 4 come with updated 40mm drivers. They’re designed to minimize electronic artifacts, distortion, and latency. You’re getting the best and highest-detailed sound from any Beats product.

Adding to this experience is the spatial audio. These headphones have dynamic head tracking that makes you feel like you’re in the middle of the action.

These are Bluetooth headphones, but what if you’re an audiophile? You’re covered too. Bluetooth audio is compressed, but if you want to listen to uncompressed (lossless) audio, you can use them in wired mode with a USB-C cord. Listening to services like Apple Music or Tidal will be a treat.

If you’re using them in Bluetooth mode, you can expect up to 50 hours of listening time on a single charge. Just like with the Solo Buds, the Solo 4 were tested at 50% volume listening to music at 256-Kbps with AAC encoding.

The Solo 4 are available to buy, so you can pick up a pair today.

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