Best cases for Apple’s AirTag

Best cases for Apple’s AirTag

July 29, 2022 0 By [email protected] (Darryl Boxberger)

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Apple’s AirTag item tracker lacks a built-in key ring to hook it onto items. Here are the best cases that will both protect the tracker and keep it attached to your items.

Apple’s AirTag is pretty good, but doesn’t have a native way to hang from a key fob, or your luggage. An entire ecosystem opened up almost immediately, with good solutions — and a host of bad ones. Here are a few of the best options.

Belkin AirTag Case with Key Ring

A long-time accessory maker for Apple products in Lightning and USB-C cables, wireless charging mats, screen protectors among others, its AirTag case combined a rugged and utilitarian design with a metal key ring.

The twist-and-lock design makes it easy to install the tracker into the case and keep it secure. A beveled edge keeps most bumps and nicks away from the plastic and steel outer casing of the AIrTag.

The cutout in the center allows the personalized engravings to remain visible to the user, while the metal keyring ensures a solid attachment to the item you want to keep close.

The Belkin AirTag Case with Key Ring is available on Amazon for $12.95.

OtterBox Sleek Tracker Case for Apple AirTag

A famed manufacturer in making rugged water-resistant cases for iPhone, Otterbox’s AirTag offering carries over a few design philosophies to the item tracker case.

The case is easily installed and provides a snug fit that protects the AirTag from the everyday scratches and bumps. The open design allows the user to see their engraved initials and emoji, while the matte finish of the case and carabiner effectively hides scratches.

A metal carabiner ring helps the AirTag hold on tight while being ultra-durable, fit for all sorts of scenarios.

Otterbox’s Sleek Tracker is just $10.93 after a discount on Amazon.

Apple AirTag Leather Case

Apple’s own case for the AirTag is designed together with the leather case, featuring premium materials and a clean design.

Available in six colors, the case is stitched from genuine European leather. A metal button makes it easy to put on and remove the tracker, while keeping it incredibly secure when attached.

The open design shows off the personalized engraving, while the steel keyring features the same laser-etched text detailing as on the back of the AirTag.

Apple’s leather AirTag case begins at $29.99 on Amazon.

Caseology Vault AirTag Keychain

Featuring a sleek flat-edge design, the chassis of the Caseology Vault makes the most out of AirTag by improving its utility dramatically.

The flat design makes it low-profile and flush when the tracker is in the case. The sandstone texture, alongside the textured grips, is scratch-resistant and skid-resistant.

An included removable carabiner has the largest loop of the cases on this list, allowing the tracker to hook onto items with harder-to-reach attachment point.

Available in three finishes, the TPU casing ensures the case will weather everyday use for years to come.

The Caseology Vault AirTag keychain is available starting at $12.99 on Amazon.

Spigen Rugged Armor AirTag Case

Also a notable iPhone case maker, Spigen’s case for the tracker provides the most rugged protection against the toughest conditions in the great outdoors.

The hard plastic and carbon fiber case holds up to the hardest of impacts. Connected between the carabiner and the case is a thick nylon strap to ensure that the ring never comes off.

The keyring is made of zinc and stainless steel. It makes the most durable carabiner from all the cases on this list. A special wedge cut into the metal also adds bottle-opening functionality, making it even more useful.

Of course, it comes with an open design to showcase the engravings and to allow Bluetooth signals to pass through unimpeded.The Spigen Rugged Armor AirTag Case is available for $16.99 on Amazon.

Spigen Air Fit Wallet Card Case

Spigen’s other offering on this list is a two-way case that also allows the AirTag to be hidden in a wallet like a credit card next to the carabiner attachment method.

While featuring the same metal keyring as the other cases featured on this list, the “case” is more of a card design on this Spigen. This allows the AirTag to be neatly tucked into a wallet or a narrow wallet or phone compartment in an item bag.

Of course, the metal carabiner allows the AirTag to be attached to the item securely, with the card design making the tracker more visible.

The case is of a two-piece design that makes it easy for the user to put on the AirTag, while the open-face design provides room for Bluetooth connectivity and displays the engraving.

The Spigen Air Fit Wallet card Case is currently discounted to $11.99 on Amazon.

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