Brave Search introduces AI-based 'Summarizer' feature as a response to ChatGPT

Back in 2021, the developers of the privacy-focused web browser Brave announced their own search engine to compete with Google and Bing. A year later, Brave Search officially became available to everyone. Now Brave Search is introducing a new AI-based feature called “Summarizer,” which comes as a response to ChatGPT.

Brave Search now has its own AI to answer questions

As the name suggests, Summarizer uses artificial intelligence to generate a brief summary related to what the user is searching for based on multiple sources. The AI-generated answer is displayed just above the web results and even includes the sources used for that piece of text.

However, while competitors like Microsoft Bing are pushing for ChatGPT integration, Brave Search didn’t opt for OpenAI’s GPT technology. Instead, as noted by TechCrunch, the Summarizer feature is based on different large langue models (LLMs).

Here’s an example of the answer generated by Brave Search’s AI, which even uses 9to5Mac as one of the sources, when you ask about rumors of Apple’s mixed reality headset:

Rumors about Apple’s Mixed Reality headset have been circulating since January of 2022, when analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and Display Supply Chain analysts both talked about it. According to a DSCC paper, the headset will feature an innovative three-display configuration with two micro OLED 4K displays and another AMOLED panel for low-resolution peripheral vision

In addition to the AI-generated summary, Brave Search also highlights relevant sentences in the listed results for news articles instead of just keywords. Brave’s head of search Josep M. Pujol said that Brave Search now has 22 million queries per day. When it comes to the Summarizer feature, Pujol pointed out that the feature is transparent about its sources, and that it doesn’t provide “fabricated responses” like other AI chat tools.

Here’s how to access it

Although Brave Search comes built in with Brave Browser, you don’t need to install it to use its search engine. You can simply access the website from any web browser. Even so, those interested in learning more about Brave Browser can visit its official website.

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Brave Search introduces AI-based ‘Summarizer’ feature as a response to ChatGPT

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Brave Search introduces AI-based ‘Summarizer’ feature as a response to ChatGPT

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Brave Search introduces AI-based ‘Summarizer’ feature as a response to ChatGPT

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