Whether you just got one of the iPhone 14 models or are bored with your current wallpaper, designer Basic Apple Guy just shared seven different wallpapers with the iPhone 14 schematic that will match your new phone with no problem.

To 9to5Mac, Basic Apple Guy explained the creative process of creating these iPhone 14 schematics. He said the project began on September 21,, and iFixit posting the teardown of these phones was “indispensable” to making this project come to life.

“One significant design decision to point out about the iPhone 14 & iPhone 14 Plus schematics is that it’s are both backward and horizontally flipped. This decision (…) was made because the iPhone 14 has received a significant redesign to its enclosure to improve its repairability.

(…) From a design perspective, this means that if I were to make a traditional schematic as though you were looking through the glass at the components, all you would see is the aluminum shield and not much else. Pretty boring. So instead, what I did was remake the schematic as though you were opening the phone from the back, allowing you to see the camera and components in an entirely new way. This is what I meant when I referred to the schematic as flipped.

Basic Apple Guy makes these iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus schematics available on his website. They’re free to download, but you can also leave him a tip on his website.

The iPhone 14 schematics are available in blue, purple, midnight, starlight, and Product(RED). You can also find RAW versions of the schematics.

As you might know, the iPhone 14 offers the A15 Bionic chip, the same one available on the iPhone 13 Pro. It also has an improved architecture so it’s easy for Apple to repair. The iPhone 14 also offers improved cameras, more battery, and a Plus version – which is the first time Apple uses the brand since the iPhone 8 Plus.

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