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Mobilepixels’ Duex Max is a great mobile investment for on-the-go workers or for those who require two monitors in their laptop setups.

The Duex Max is a portable 14.1 inches 1080P display that can mount onto the back of a screen of a 14-inch laptop or larger. Coming in silver, blue, red, and green, it only weighs 1.8 pounds for its size, and is 0.58 inches at its thickest point.

The monitor slides out from its casing, providing options for a landscape experience attached to the laptop, and a standing portrait orientation. The stand’s range of motion is solid, being able to fold 180 degrees on the back of the laptop in the case of presentations.

At 300 nits, 60 Hz, and with a 16:9 aspect ratio, the Duex Max performs well for long hours of both work and entertainment. Although not as crisp and bright as the MacBook’s Retina display, the Max performs like a standard, inexpensive monitor in the average desktop setup.

This is fine to fulfill the usual role of a secondary monitor, to display offhand information or content while your focus is mostly on the main screen. You can get monitors with similar specs for cheap, but the main appeal of the Max comes from its versatility for on-the-go productivity.

Duex Max Review: Productivity on the go

The Max uses an adhesive/magnet system to secure itself onto laptops, and the box comes with a helpful installation guide for aligning the adhesive magnets onto the laptop.

The adhesive side sticks to the laptop, and the magnets connect the monitor itself. This allows for quick installation and removal, with the oval shape of the magnets assisting in aligning the monitor.

The magnets come with twelve replacement adhesive strips, which we found ourselves using to test the Duex Max on different surfaces. As pictured, we installed the review unit onto a Twelve South BookBook, although we recommend a plastic case or shell for the adhesive to form a better seal.

The Duex Max is compatible with Mac, Windows, Nintendo Switch, and even Chromebooks. The USB-C connection makes for easy plug-and-play use, and a driver isn’t required unless the host laptop is USB-A only. The 4.5W power draw isn’t a lot, but any power drain from your laptop’s battery cuts down on run time when away from a socket.

Obviously, using it while your Mac is plugged into power is a good idea.

Three buttons on the back adjust settings such as backlight, contrast, and other features, and we found it was easy on the eyes in both bright and dark lighting thanks to the “EyeCareMode” setting. The two USB-C ports on the side provide the connection to the laptop and an extra one for accessories.

Made primarily out of ABS plastic with an aluminum backplate, we found that the Max had sufficient durability for movement and occasional drops. For those more concerned with potential accidents, Mobilepixels also offers accident protection for up to three years, sold separately.

Duex Max Review: Productivity on the go

And if you’re concerned about your laptop’s hinge, that’s valid. We aren’t seeing any damage to it just yet, after a couple of months of use — but we’ll keep you informed as time goes on.

Should you buy the Duex Max?

The Duex Max is the largest, heaviest, and most expensive mobile laptop monitor in Mobilepixels’ Duex series, and its premium status shows. The resolution combined with the other features makes a compact, efficient mobile screen for people who work out of their backpacks.

However, the commitment of sticking magnets to the back of a laptop may not be for all. We’re reasonably sure that Apple’s learned its lesson after the last hinge fiasco, but we’re less sure about other manufacturers in this regard.

With increased video calling in the professional world, as well as the popularity of multi-screen setups, screen real estate is in demand. If you’re a laptop user on the go who requires a two-monitor setup for your workflow, the Max is a good and flexible investment.

Duex Max Pros

  • Portable
  • Device versatility
  • Moderate battery drain

Duex Max Cons

  • Magnets are hard to remove
  • Doesn’t stick to non-plastic/metal surfaces well
  • We’ll see about laptop hinge durability over time

Score: 3.5 out of 5

The Duex Max is available on MobilePixels’ website. Coming in three different bundles with varying accessories, the monitor only version is $479.99, the productivity bundle is $539.97, and the mobility bundle is $714.94. At the time of publication, the Duex Max is on sale, ranging from 40-45% off depending on the bundle.

Customers can also order the Duex Max from Amazon for $263.99, that’s 20% off at the time of publication..

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Duex Max Review: Productivity on the go

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Duex Max Review: Productivity on the go

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Duex Max Review: Productivity on the goDuex Max Review: Productivity on the go

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