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MacOS Sequoia is one of the most anticipated updates for Apple’s desktop operating system in recent history, adding some pretty cool AI features, iPhone mirroring and so much more.

But a lesser-known change is also in the pipeline with Sequoia – one that’ll fix an annoying storage problem with Mac App Store downloads.

The good news is that macOS 15 will no longer require double the amount of storage to be able to download an application from the App Store. As you may have noticed with macOS in its current form, whenever you grab any app from the store, you need to have double the amount of storage it actually requires (temporarily) to download it – which can be an annoyance if you’re short on drive space (or downloading a huge application, or indeed both of the above).

Size me up

With the new change for Sequoia, the free space requirement will now actually match the file size of the app you’re trying to download – as you’d expect really. So that’ll help those downloading particularly hefty apps, such as creative software or even games. Apple has made a significant push to allow for gaming on Macs and MacBooks, and squashing this odd drive space requirement is great news for prospective Mac gamers (who right now could be looking at ensuring they have tens of Gigabytes of additional free space for no good reason).

According to MacRumors, the macOS 15 beta 2 currently requires just enough space for a game’s final size and a small buffer, in a bid to match free space requirements with the actual game (or app) installation size.

Overall, this change will be warmly welcomed with the macOS Sequoia refresh due later this year, and it removes substantial frustration in some cases with the Mac operating system. 

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