New updates for the whole HomePod lineup are coming soon

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Apple may have announced the second-generation HomePod today, but there’s plenty of new features coming to existing models with software version 16.3 soon.

There are three HomePod models on the market with varying features and chipsets, but they all still run the currently shipping software version 16. The next update, version 16.3, is expected to arrive by January 27, and it contains multiple user-facing changes.

The HomePod mini and new HomePod have built-in temperature and humidity sensors that’ll be activated by the update. Users with multiple HomePods across their home will be able to see the current temperature and humidity of each room within the Apple Home app.

Siri is also getting more powerful with new commands and response protocols. Users can set recurring home automations just by speaking to Siri, and actions that don’t have an obvious visible response will end with a tone once completed.

Apple has remastered the ambient sounds to be more immersive on HomePod. They’re also discoverable when building automations or setting alarms in the Home app.

Audio tuning for spoken content has also been improved across the larger HomePod models. The original HomePod also has finer control over volume at lower levels.

Apple is also opening up Find My data to Siri on the HomePod. Users will be able to ask for the locations of friends and family if it is actively being shared.

These refinements are coming with HomePod software update version 16.3. It will be released alongside iOS 16.3 and the other operating systems.

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HomePod software updates brings new features to every model

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HomePod software updates brings new features to every model

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HomePod software updates brings new features to every modelHomePod software updates brings new features to every model

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